MTV - You're Hired

You’ve just graduated college and you’re looking for work?  

It’s not easy in today’s cut throat economy.  For every job opening, there are over a thousand applicants desperate to be hired.  There are over qualified and those un-employable.  If you blow the interview, it’s back to the unemployment line.  

MTV: The Bachelor - Kale Pavelka and Vienna Girardi

Well, welcome to the new MTV show, “ Hired.”  Premiering on May 17th, the show will feature a number of companies willing to interview on the air and give tips for the viewers on what those new to job searching do wrong and what they do right.  

In each resume-clenching episode, MTV Hired looks into diverse professions that the job market has to offer from personal training, show designing, event coordinating and many more.  

Viewers will meet the employers looking to fill positions as well as the hungry job applicants and we will sit in on the interviews before we learn which of the lucky contestants gets the job of their dreams.  

MTV: Gale, Ryan and Bob Kahn - Ryan is career counselor for the show

Ryan Kahn, the career coach, and a real life headhunter from University of Dreams, says that the biggest mistake made is not researching the company you are interviewing for.  Resumes must reflect the needs of that company and must not be cookie cutters.  “You have be understand their needs and be able to show them that you fit the bill.  You need to have passion for the job.”

MTV: Matt Westmore, Jessica Chesler = exec producers and Noah Scheinmann, creator

Matt Westmore, Sam Simmons, Marshall Eisen, Dave Sirulnick and Jessica Chesler are executive producers.  Creator is Noah Scheinmann. Jonathan Mussman is the executive in charge of production for MTV.  “We want to help bring the economy out of the recession.” They feel that a show like this will do just that.  

MTV: The Beat Freaks - Dance Crew -

The party, held at the Cinespace on Hollywood Blvd, was lite with stars.  Those walking the red carpet were Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi (The Bachelor); Beat Freaks and Poreotix (America’s Best Dance Crew), Didi Benami (American Idol) Amber Stevens (Greek), Bai Ling, Kyle Massey (Corey in the House), Saleisha Stowers (America’s Top Model) , Bebe Freeman (The Undateable), and Chris Detert (star of the first episode.)

MTV: Amber Stevens - Greek

Some of the companies that were there tonight were Premiere (Eric Hoffman), Blowfish, The Balm, Warren Tricomi, Energy muse, Reville, American Rebel, Models International (Scott Whitefield) and King Boy Studios.

MTV: American's Top Model, Saleisha Stowers

Some of the sponsors of the evening included Joe’s Pizza, The Shrimp Guys, Mignon Chocolate, and Caked Los Angeles.  

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