Le PAWS Presents Woofers Ball at SkyBark

Los Angeles, Ca - In Los Angeles, there are not very many activities pet owners need to do without their four-legged friends by their side. From dog yoga, designer pet carriers a la Louis Vouttin, to pet-friendly restaurants and bars, where you go your dog is more than welcomed to follow.

These days, it seems like everyone has some form of entertainment representation. Heck, I am constantly asked who is representing me and I am just a lowly freeelancer! We are simply inundated with phrases that begin with 'My manager...' 'My agent...' 'My publicist...' Well, get ready Los Angeles, the entertainment industry just installed a doggie door! Thanks to Le PAWS, a pet talent agency based in Hollywood, we can now add 'My dog's manager....' 'My dog's agent...' 'My dog's publicist' to our entertainment industry vocabulary.  

Le PAWS is a pet talent agency featured in the new Lifetime Network series, PAWS (Pets At Work on Stage). PAWS is the show that can make your dog famous! The show is a real-life comedy that is set at a pet talent agency in Hollywood. I'm thinking Janice Dickonson's Modeling Agency meets the dogs! The agency discovers, develops and books outstanding canine talent for work in television and motion pictures. These canine power brokers are on a mission to find the doggie equivalent of Brad Pitt. There is no better place to find that talent than in our little metropolis, the entertainment capital of the world!

On June 25th, Le PAWS hosted the Woofers Ball at SkyBark, LA's hottest nightclub for people and their pooches. The theme: VIPooches. Doggie patrons undoubtedly received the red carpet treatment, literally, as four-legged celebrity hopefuls were invited to walk the red carpet and pose for the pooch-loving paparazzi. Film crews captured the night for the PAWS TV series due to air in the fall of 2006. Pups who arrived at SkyBark a little less than red carpet-ready were given a complimentary make-over by Town and Country Mobile Pet Services.

SkyBark was the perfect location for the Woofers Ball! Sitting on the roof of the PETaPOTTY offices in downtown LA, SkyBark offers patrons a 360 degree view of the downtown LA skyline. Dolled-up dogs played on the 2,500 square foot play area, nibbled on Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance dog hors de oeuvres, and lounged on the deck while their owners enjoyed beverages from 2 different bars, listened to live music, danced as the DJ spun the hottest clubbing beats, and mingled with fellow SkyBark patrons, both people and pooches.

From Chihuahua cowboys to ballerina pink poodles, the Woofer's Ball was definitely the place for up-and-coming dog celebs to see and be seen!

For more information on SkyBark or Le PAWS, click here

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