LA Winefest 2009 Preview -- The Best Gets Better

LA Winefest returns and better than ever.  Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7 from 2pm-6pm at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

Last year I reviewed WineFest 2008.  I had a pretty great time and hope that was reflected in my words.  Honestly, what’s not to like?  Some of the World’s best wine in one of the World’s best cities.  And I guess they liked my words enough to invite me back and even ask me to write a preview this time ‘round.  Problem is: previews tend to be dry and Winefest deserves better.

Great crowd at Winefest 2008

So first the obligatory:  “This year’s Winefest 2009 has 100+ wineries coming, free seminars, live music, great food, and a fantastic silent auction happening! Plus, some of the hot new LA wine bars will be there, including BottleRock Downtown and Palate Food + Wine, so Angelenos can catch up on LA wine culture without the hassle of driving from Santa Monica to Glendale!”

Vendors offering wine and wine-related items.

Okay, so the blurb above was informative and here’s what I’m most excited about.  100+ wineries and Palate Food + Wine.  I think I enjoyed Palate at a different event earlier this year.  Thus they’re good people and I’m comfortable with that.

Now for the non-obligatory.  I’ve decided to write two memos, one of improvement suggestions to Winefest’s head guy, the good doctor, Joel Fisher.  One to potential attendees;  those of you on the fence.

To Dr. Joel M. Fisher, head honcho, LA Winefest:

Dr. Fisher, Nice job last year.  I’m a guy who likes to critique and I gotta say, not a lot to come down on.  Sprawling space, good variety, knowledgable, friendly people, Ms. Daddio, of course.  Good people, great time.  Kept it clean and classy. 

The big no-no was by some mis-communication I wasn’t invited to the super-special Saturday evening dinner :(   This year, if you invite me to those super special events, I’ll dress nice and be on best behavior.  Promise.

Speaking of...

This year Georg Riedel returns.  He’ll be doing a wine tasting seminar on Saturday, June 6 at 5:15PM  There’s also two other special programs.  Bourbon tasting with Bernie Lubbers of Knob Creek, and a sake review with Ichiro Saito of Hakutsuri Sake.

Dr. Fisher, please-please-please consider my involvement in these special events.  It’d mean a lot and you’d be doing me a solid.

With respect, thanks.

Chilled to perfection

Now to those of you are thinking of not coming.  Here’s a bunch of reasons why you should re-consider attending:

1)     Good drinks.
2)     You’ll appear classy
3)     You might get an industry job out of it

(No kidding.  Last year I witnessed a stranger starting a conversation with a TV showrunner.  Bang.  Now he’s in the writer’s room.  It happens.)

4)     It’s a great place to meet new friends and ladies.  A lot of ladies.
5)     It’s worth repeating; and slower.  Classy event + ladies in attendance = classy ladies.  Guys take note.  You’re welcome.

Where?  How?  What?

So now that you’re going, you need to know where it’s at.  It’s at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, right across from Paramount.  Address is 5300 Melrose Ave., Hollywood CA 90038  And here’s a link for directions

Festival passes can be purchased online at or at local retailers such as Hows Grocery, Venice Beach Wines, and Lou on Vine (see for complete list of participating retailers). Prices are as follows: $55 Day Pass, $100 Couples Pass, or $100 Individual Weekend Pass.

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