James Dean Revealed

Never before published James Dean photography by Richard Miller was revealed at the Celebrity Vault in Beverly Hills.  Richard Miller, the ninety-four year-old photographer, attended this private event to witness the unveiling of his photography of the legendary James Dean.

Photographer - Richard Miller

Miller is one of the most renowned photographers of our time and has shot over seventy films on location.  His very first assignment was on the set of the classic movie "Giant" where he worked with "Globe Photos."

Miller's unveiling was quite a success as the room filled shortly after commencement.  This should not come as a surprise considering the works are those of the memorable Dean.  All of the attendees made their way to greet Richard as he sat calmly with his camera around his neck. 

Richard retired from photography forty years ago, but still carries a camera for the love of photography.  Richard was interested to learn that the first purchase of his photography at the Celebrity Vault was made by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Richard captured classic shots of James Dean living the prime moments of his life in the early 1950's.  The black and white photography displayed the excitement of the women enjoying his presence, Dean entertaining young ladies in a diner, playing games at a carnival, and relaxing behind the scenes on movie sets.  Miller does not have one favorite photo because he remembers and enjoyed taking each and every one of them.

Richard said he traveled with actors because they enjoyed his company.  He was not like the paparazzi today, chasing after the celebrities for the prize shot.  Richard captured the photos for the glory of the moment.  As Dean said, "The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results." 

Richard and James grew closer after spending much time together.  Richard was extremely heartbroken after James was killed in the tragic car accident on California State Route 41 in his Porsche 55 Spyder.

Photography by Richard Miller

James Dean Remembered

"All of us were touched by Jimmy, and he was touched by greatness."
-- Natalie Wood

"He was very afraid of being hurt. He was afraid of opening up in case it was turned around and used against him."
-- Elizabeth Taylor

"Jimmy was a very close and good friend of mine. I have fond memories of Jim, the days we spent together in New York City as young actors --- walking the streets and talking about the theater and wondering about our next job, reading books and discussing them; seeing plays, seeing films; working in acting workshops and being serious young fellows about the thing we loved most, which was acting in the theater and films."
-- Martin Landau

"[Dean's] death caused a loss in the movie world that our industry could ill afford. Had he lived long enough, I feel he would have made some incredible films. He had sensitivity and a capacity to express emotion."
-- Gary Cooper

Photography by Richard Miller

"Jim Dean and Elvis were the spokesmen for an entire generation. When I was in acting school in New York, years ago, there was a saying that if Marlon Brando changed the way people acted, then James Dean changed the way people lived. He was the greatest actor who ever lived. He was simply a genius."
-- Martin Sheen

Photography by Richard Miller

"When I worked with him on TV, I found him to be an intelligent young actor who seemed to live only for his work.  He was completely dedicated, and although a shy person, he could hold a good conversation on many wide-ranging subjects."
-- Ronald Reagan

"Actually, the person I related to was James Dean. I grew up with the Dean thing. Rebel Without A Cause had a very powerful effect on me."
-- Al Pacino

Celebrity Vault exquisitely displays memorabilia and fine art of many celebrities, photographers and artists.  Celebrity displays of Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, Jack Johnson, The Beatles, Oasis, James Brown, U2, The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger adorned the walls.  The back of the room glowed with an electric blue Alvarez guitar previously owned by Johnny Cash.  To the right of the guitar is colorful character-like artwork of The Rolling Stones. 

Photography by Richard Miller

Also displayed is Elvis Presley's management and artist agreement with The William Morris Agency, handwritten music lyrics and autographed displays of various artists.  All items are not only displayed, but available for purchase in store or on the web.

Photographers also displaying works at The Celebrity Vault are Richard E. Aaron, Lynn Goldsmith, Gered Mankowitz, Bert Stern and Terry O'Neill. 

Celebrity Vault Locations
345 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

2195 San Dieguito Drive
Del Mar, CA 92014


Quotes derived: http://www.jamesdean.com/about/quotes.htm

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