Hatchet II Review - The Premiere

(Los Angeles, CA) September 28, 2010-Director Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) has done it again with his independent horrific masterpiece, HATCHET 2, starring Danielle Harris (Halloween),Tony Todd ( Candy Man), and Kane Hodder (Jason). Green entertained and grossed out audiences in 2007 with HATCHET, and years later he’s back doing what he does best, entertain. HATCHET 2-uncut and unrated, premiered at the historic Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, and comes to theaters October 1, 2010, with midnight screenings.

The Egyptian Theater’s courtyard, which houses many premieres, was outfitted with a DJ, t-shirts for sale, Swamp Coolers,-provided by Monster Energy Drinks and Butay Vodka, and a food table serving chicken jambalaya and delicious cornbread. The film’s setting is in New Orleans, so the premiere’s theme was of such. Around 7pm the red carpet opened and cast and celebrity guests walked and talked to the press, giving interviews and signing autographs. Invited Celebrity guests in attendance were Seth Green (Family Guy), his wife Clare Grant (Black Snake Moan), Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), Brooke Lewis (Bare Knuckles), Fabricio Werdum (MMA Fighter), Tionne Williams (Grammy winning artist), Derek Mears (newest Jason), Zack Silva (Terriers), Sid Haig (The Devil’s Rejects) and others.

Seth Green

Michael Rosenbaum

Tionne Williams

Brooke Lewis

Sid Haig

Derek Mears

Cast walking the carpet were Danielle Harris (MaryBeth), Kane Hodder (Thomas/Victor Crowley), Tony Todd(Rev. Zombie), Parry Shen (Justin), Rileah Vanderbilt (young Crowley),Erika Hamilton (nurse Lena), Kathryn Fiore (Shyann Crowley), David Foy (Chad), and Colton Dunn (Vernon).

Danielle Harris

Tony Todd

Kathryn Fiore

Green and his wife Rileah Vanderbilt arrived and walked the carpet together excited and looking fabulous.

Adam Green and Rileah Vanderbilt

Director Adam Green giving an interview

Cast, press, and invited guests mingled in the courtyard and enjoyed the drinks and eats prior to the film’s screening. 

Seth Green and Clare Grant

Fabricio Werdum

Zack Silva

After invited guests, some press and fans that paid for their tickets, were seated, Green gave a somewhat tearful Thanks for all in attendance, and cast and crew who has stayed by his side, and spoke of his uphill battle with Hollywood and the MPAA. For Hatchet was given a NC-17 rating back when it screened and Green protested this all the way to court where he had to defend his movie and the Horror genre as a whole. He spoke of the ill-fated reviews of his film and how his parents are proud of him, despite naysayers. Green’s battle with the MPAA and the filmmaking community, to get horror back to its rated-R rating, launched a movement called the Hatchet Army. He also spoke about his issues with movie piracy and his Twitter comments from those admitting they downloaded his movie Frozen, prior to its Tuesday September 27th DVD release.
Hatchet 2, set in New Orleans, starts off where the original left audiences, with a dazed, scared, and beaten Marybeth (Danielle Harris) escaping the deformed killing machine, Victor Crowley’s (Kane Hodder) clutches. And characters introduced in the first, not killed off, such as Rev. Zombie (Tony Todd), begin a gory, witty, and fun ride with the audience, giving way for Green’s signature directing. After the screening, Green received a standing ovation and had the cast of both films come to the front of the room, while giving a short but insightful Q&A.

Cast members for Q&A

Hatchet 2, despite its uncut and unrated rating will be shown in 70 theaters statewide.

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