The Getty Center - Edward Weston: Enduring Vision; Recent History: Luc Delahaye

The Getty Center, Los Angeles

An inspirational collection of photographers Edward Weston (1886-1958) and Luc Delahayes’ (French born 1962) work will be on display along side one another from July 31-November 25, 2007 at the J. Paul Getty Museum, the  Getty Center.  Providing support to individuals as well as institutions in  Los Angeles and throughout the world, The Getty Foundation funds a wide range of exhibits promoting understanding of the visual arts to ensure their preservation.   These photographs were hand selected to best chronicle the artists’ careers.


132nd Ordinary Meeting of the Conference, Negative: September 15, 2004; Print: 2006, (Luc Delahaye French, born 1962)

­Edward Weston


Nude, Charis Wilson, 1936, (Edward Weston American, 1886–1958)

The presentation of Edward Weston’s work will be on display as ­Edward Weston – Enduring Vision.   Although most of his work is mainly from the museums possessions, approximately 150 of the photographs are a selection of gracious loans that trace the Weston’s accomplishments from the 1900s to the 1940s.   A Highland Park, Illinois native, (just outside Chicago) Weston is said to be one of America’s most revered photographers.   Although he is most remembered for photographs taken in Carmel, he spent 17 years of his career right here in Los Angeles.   In an attempt to rewrite his own artistic history, Weston destroyed most of his early work and personal paperwork.   He has been said to have had a love/hate relationship with our City of Angels and it is his destruction of his own work that has caused Beth Gates Warren to spend the last decade piecing together Weston’s early career. 


William Edmondson, Sculptor, Nashville, Tennessee, September 1941, (Edward Weston American, 1886–1958)


White Radish, 1933, (Edward Weston American, 1886–1958)

In 1953 the writer and curator Nancy Newhall assembled a mock-up for an elegant book featuring Weston's photographs of the nude, with the cooperation of the photographer himself of course.  This made it one of a kind.   The only book on this subject, that Weston himself participated in creating.   And I must say, the selection of the photographs are exquisite! With the acquiring of the mock-up in 1985 by the J. Paul Getty Museum some pages and prints were missing.   But in speaking with curator Brett Abbott, I learned it was only in 2006 that Brett himself recognized the key to reconstructing the unpublished book in its entirety; also on display for your viewing pleasure.


(Left Image) Luc Delahaye (right) insists on posing for a photo with Splash Magazine Publisher Lawrence Davis (left) even as security was protesting (Right Image) Curator Brett Abbott smiles with me holding a copy of Edward Weston's Book of Nudes during a personal tour he gave our group


Luc Delahaye

The first West Coast presentation of Luc Delahaye will be presented as Recent History: Photographs by Luc Delahaye.   Luc himself discusses his work and views on the exhibition which gave an interesting contrast to Weston’s work.   Those in attendance actually had an opportunity to ask the artist questions about his work instead of wondering what the answers may be being that Weston is no longer with us.   Delahaye managed to distinguish himself in the 1990s for his coverage of the wars in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Chechnya, and Bosnia as he was willing to go where most of us dare not with the turmoil our world is in today. 


Musenyi, Negative: April 6, 2004; Print: October 2004, (Luc Delahaye French, born 1962)


Taliban, Negative: November 12, 2001; Print: 2002, (Luc Delahaye French, born 1962)

Luc’s works provide a different perspective to the devastation those are going through in the world.   Applying a serial approach to his work, Delahaye broadens the field of vision making a life-like photo by photographing his subjects at a distance to record each situation as accurately as possible.   Initiated in 2001, this series of 10 large-scale photographs on display features significant recent events ranging from political demonstrations to natural disasters and evidence of war and genocides. Delahaye was awarded the Robert Capa Gold Medal in 1993 and 2002; World Press Photo first prizes in 1993, 1994 and 2003; the ICP Infinity Award in 2001; the Niepce Prize in 2002; and the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize in 2005.


Aftermath in Meulaboh, Negative January 9, 2005; Printed February 2006, (Luc Delahaye French, born 1962)


All aboard The Getty Center tram

I thoroughly enjoyed both artists’ exhibitions for their own unique style.   I appreciated having the opportunity to look at our world around us through the eyes of two of the world’s most talented photographers.   That is an experience I am truly grateful to have had and will see to it that I tell a friend.   Well, I guess we can call that a mission accomplished!   Viewing all of the beautiful pieces sure did work up an appetite.   Luckily there were hors d'oeuvres appetizer and drinks to be had by all at the close of the exhibition.   Not only were our minds fed, but our bellies were too!   With selections like cheese and wine, this added a nice elegant touch to the end of an even more beautifully elegant, educational experience.


Nude, Flora Chandler Weston, Negative 1909; Printed 1910, (Edward Weston American, 1886–1958)


The view from the tram is breathtaking

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