Fun and Fundraising at the Athenea Bar and Grill

Thursday,. December 16, 2010, the newly opened Athena Bar and Grill in Sherman Oaks hosted a night of fun.  The Mediterranean  buffet was presented along with belly dancers Anna Avagyan and Suzanna Kazqrian.

Athenea Bar and Grill: Greg Brock and Ken Garcia

 Music by award winning songwriter Gregory Brock entertained the party along with a DJ.  A fashion show followed. 

The event was a fundraiser for Republican Armineh Chelebian, running for the 12 district of City Council. This is the western San Fernando Valley.  A former accountant, Armineh served on the board of the Winnetka and Reseda Neighborhood Councils and then  joined the 2011 City Council race on September 14, 2009 after being a resident of the district for over 18 years and recognizing a urgent need for change.  She worries that the current policies are ineffective and fears bankruptcy.  She believes that education is critical.  “The status quo has got to go.” 

Athenea Bar and Grill: Mentees and Armineh Chelebian

Along with the fundraiser, Suzanne DeLaurentiis and Ken Garcia, her assistant, introduced us to many of her new actor mentees.  Ashley Hess, Maxine English, Eric Kowalski, Bryan Hall,  David Michaelson, Sylvia Lester, Samatha Lester, Abigail Schrader, Minna Brighten, Joan McArther were the mentees while  Said Faraj, Sam Adko, Fahim Fazli, Princess Paradise, Jon Scudder, CeCe Perkinson, and Tia Barr also walked the red carpet. 

Athenea Bar and Grill: actors Ashley Hess, Eric Kowalski and Maxine English

Many of them like Ashley, Maxine, Eric, Bryan, Sylvia, Samantha, Abigail, and Minna are in Suzanne’s newest movie Black Gold – a true story of corruption in the Nigerian Delta.  Eric was also featured in Transformers 3 and Glee, while Bryan did the new version of  Moby Dick.

Athenea Bar and Grill patio

Several of the sponsors were Zing Graphics, Lousine Karibian, Shekhar Rahte Hollywood, and AJ Financial Services.

Athenea Bar and Grill: Abgail Schrader

Publicity for the event was provided by Deborah Hayter Publicity.

For information on Armineh Chelebian and her fight for City Council go to [email protected]

Information about the mentorship with Suzanne DeLaurentiis can be had at 818 754 1953

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