Forplay 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Couture Fashion Show at Area - The Real Fashion Week Finale

Traci + Houman = Fabulous Party

Friday, October 20th - Stars and fashion lovers gathered at LA's current hotspot Area to see this year's hottest Halloween costumes hit the runway. 

The show has proven such popularity that the fire marshal had to shut down the doors to hundreds waiting outside.

Spunky host Traci Bingham posed with fellow Surreal Life 'Fame Gamer', Dee Dee Bigelow and Forplay CEO Houman Salem on the red carpet. 

Page Kennedy of Weeds, S.W.A.T., and Desperate Housewives was spotted trying to catch a glimpse of the show over the crowd, as well as Emmanuelle Vaugier of Saw 2 and One Tree Hill, who was seating comfortably at a table with friends.

J Karen Thomas and Colette Divine already Oscar winners to us

Fun loving Collette Divine and J. Karen Thomas of Who Killed the Electric Car posed for pictures.

Melissa Duttle, Addison Witt and Ali Hartman: they're off the leash and on the red carpet

The cast of Off the Leash - Ali Hartman, Melissa Duttle, Addison Witt also posed for the shutterbugs and signed Forplay media wall, which will be donated to charity.

Starlets from Deal or No Deal as well as Price is Right were shaking it up on the dance floor with Hollywood fresh faces Kristy Dwyer, Lisa Maris, Skot Garrett and Starr Campbell.

Fitness stars, brothers Jason Jamie and Jarrett Brandi showed off their perfect bodies to the Area ladies who were only too happy to see such eye candy appear at the event. Tough guys Tyler Evans, Ronnie Faisst and Mark South from X Games and Supercross were also seen having a good time by the bar.

Dianna Kaufeldt and Annabelle Gutman couldn't wait for Halloween

Dianna Kaufeldt and Annabelle Gutman showed up in outrageous sexy costumes to support Forplay, how nice!

The show featured such hot favorites as Sailor Girl, Firewoman, Mafia Princess, Naughty Schoolgirl, and many more.

Luxury goodie bags included aromatic Pleasure Wipes, stunning earrings by L'or Designs, hot thongs, dance CD's, 3-in-one massage oil candles, free hair cut and style from the most talented hairstylist in LA, Lauren Arlington of Dej Salon, 50% off funky jewelry by Leanna Lin, Hustler Hollywood mugs, and much more.

CEO of Forplay, Houman Salem, said the show is becoming a bigger event every year. 'We had a wonderful turnout, so many people, almost too many' some people couldn't even see the show' says Houman. Tracy Bingham was also more than pleased with the show and wanted to use the costumes for her appearance at the Playboy mansion. When asked about his plans for the next years show Houman replied 'Vision for next year and years to come is creating an overall entertainment package, bigger, better, built up anticipation'.

Page Kennedy rocks the red carpet

In light of the fashion week finale we asked Houman which costumes are going to be the most popular this Halloween. 'Pirates are huge this year as well as the mobster costume. Naughty officer is big every year along with naughty school girl. It's been the best seller for the last 10years'. We love Forplay so much we want them to show us more (or less) so we asked Houman if Forplay are planning on putting together other events for their line like a lingerie fashion show? 'ABSOLUTELY!' Houman replies, 'Halloween will be an anchor, annual event. As for lingerie, swimsuit, and clubwear, they will be occasional shows throughout the year, possibly one this year before Christmas and next year before Valentine's Day'. Forplay is the current hottest and fastest growing lingerie line as well as costume couture, swimwear and clubwear distributor. To see more Forplay lingerie and Halloween Couture visit 

Please remain seated while the stuardess takes off her uniform

You Sexy Devil!

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