Fiona's Script Film Review - an Official Selection of OUTFest 2009

Sonia Montejano stars in the title role, "Fiona's Script"

Fiona’s Script is a story about a young woman on the verge. Fiona (Sonia Montejano) is slow to recover from the brokenheart left by her last boyfriend, Sebastian (Allan Lazo). This is the ailment that incapacitated the young woman to the point of losing her job. Fiona does her best to exercise her romantic demons by working her feelings out through the characters in the screenplay that she has been working on for months.

Try as she may, she finds an equally difficult to heeding the advice of her roommate and friend Mara (Giovannie Espiritu), who thinks she needs to get out and just meet the next person, find the next relationship. When Fiona finally does get out, she finds that she has become the object of affection for L (Deirdre Renee Draginoff) the beautiful hip-hop dance instructor and notorious womanizer. Fiona and L become fast lovers; a relationship that she is sure will implode upon itself at any moment. In the same wave of serendipity, a young producer has read excerpt from her screenplay and wants to produce it as a stage play. With the prospect of her first writing work being produced and the love of a amazingly beautiful  - nay, the perfect girl – on her arm, it seems as though Fiona’s days of darkness and dolor will soon be behind her.

So why is it that she is still not happy?

Fiona’s Script is by no means ready for the Cineplex of the world. There are weak acting performances, audio mix issues and the film is in desperate need of seasoned editor to help with pacing and duration. It is funny and sweet, but it is doubtful that general audiences will have the patience to stick around and see this rough work for the diamond that it could be. Having said that, OUTFest has found a gem of a story with a refreshingly voice in this feature which I find engaging in its authenticity and in its simplicity. We know this girl because many of us were this girl, floundering for a happy balance between sexual identity and emotional confusion, to get to the dreaded yet inevitable state which is adulthood.

If you keep at it long enough, the mechanics which are the art of filmmaking, will come. But in the mean time Ms. Florencia Manovil, keep writing.

Fiona’s Script is an official selection of OUTFest 2009 happening now through July 19, 2009.

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