E's Joel McHale and Subway's Jared Fogle, Team Up to Fight Childhood Obesity - A light-hearted, fun competition

(Los Angeles, CA) June 16, 2008 - Proving sidewalk entertainment, for those touring the Hollywood and Highland neighborhood of Los Angeles, was Joel McHale from E's "Talk Soup," and Subway's Jared Fogle celebrating 10 years of weight loss and keeping it off!  On this hot June day in L.A., Jared and Joel auditioned 10 hopefuls, for a chance to be in the next National Subway Commercial, and walk the red carpet for the premiere of "Get Smart," starring Steve Carell.

Jared with "Get Smart" actor, Steve Carell

For a crowd of just under 100 spectators, 10 folks were randomly drawn to read Subway commercial sides in front of a panel of judges.  The panel included Jared Fogle himself, Kim Henning, head of Brand Management, and Tony Pace, Chief Marketing Officer of Subway.

Joel McHale kept everyone entertained by pumping up both the contestants and the crowd during the auditions.  After all of the 10 hopefuls performed, the judges deliberated, and decided on their top three choices of the morning.  After naming the second and first runners up, the winner of the contest, Eddie, from Brooklyn, was awarded the Grand prize of starring in a Subway Commercial, and walking the red carpet of "Get Smart."

Eddie proudly holding his trophy with Joel and Jared

Eddie was not the only one walking away with something from the event, however.  Ten others were given the opportunity to audition for an entirely different commercial by sending in a videotape of themselves.  In addition, spectators learned that if they would text the word " Jared" to " Subway," they would also be entered into a drawing to be in a Subway Commercial.  Ten, one-hundred-dollar Gift Certificates were given away as well.

After the winner was named, I had the opportunity to interview both Jared and Joel.  First, I wanted to know why Joel had decided to be a part of this event.  When asked, his response was, "Fast food is such an important part of our society, and healthy fast food is key.  Jared is a testament to that."

Joel trying on Jared's pants from ten years ago

Jared was very eager to share his enthusiasm about the Jared foundation, and making people aware of childhood obesity.  When I shared with him that I was a middle school teacher, and that I wanted to know what teachers can do to help obese students, he had this to say: "Parents and teachers need to be educated about childhood obesity, so that they can teach children what is healthy, and how important it is to remain active."  Jared also informed me that schools across the country, could enter to win a $20,000 grant.  All they need to do is go to jaredfoundation.org, to find out how to enter.

Joel, Jared, and the contest winner, Eddie hold up Jared's old pants

Both Jared and Joel were passionate about this event, and feel very strongly for the cause.  This event was a very big step in bringing awareness to Childhood Obesity, and celebrating Jared's ten years of success!

Jared on the red carpet of the "Get Smart" premiere

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