Denim Day in LA - Courtney Fine Undercover to Help Her Community at Hollywood High

On April 23, in recognition of “Denim Day in LA” – a rape awareness program supporting rape victims rights and marking the significant ruling of a 1998 rape case - young Hollywood actress Courtney Fine went literally undercover to help her community and local high school - the one and only Hollywood High.

When presented with the opportunity to contribute by teaching a health class to inner city teens she jumped at the chance. She got a 30 day emergency permit as a substitute teacher and dove in. Once in the classroom, the bright and eager young people were so inspiring and their interest in community was so strong she felt she really had a chance to make a difference.

Utilizing her fashion contacts she devised a contest wherein her health students were to design a pocket for a pair of jeans with a message about victim’s rights and rape prevention. The contest was sponsored by True Urban, an urban denim line and a subsidiary of Omega Apparel Ltd. Contestants were to compete for a pair of True Urban jeans and winners would be announced that day – “Denim Day in LA”

The scene was an inspiration while she led her class. It was like watching an episode of 21 Jump Street mixed with a little Welcome Back Kotter. Inner city kids (some with very troubled backgrounds) proudly displayed their designs and then explained in front of the class what "Denim Day in LA" was all about. It was moving to hear their perspective on this issue and how they responded to Courtney's influence during her short time with them.

The designs were judged by Miss Fine and award winning CSI Las Vegas writer, Chris Barbour. Announcements were made that day in her 4th period health class with each winner receiving an autographed specially designed certificate and also a pair of True Urban jeans compliments of Omega Apparel. 1st place was awarded to Grigor Chakalan for his pocket design that said ”Step away from the jeans”.

Her final announcement was that this was to be her last day teaching as her 30 day emergency substitute permit is now expired. She went on to describe her “other” life to her students and revealed to them that she was an actress and currently working on many projects, one of which, an upcoming episode of America’s Most Wanted. Courtney Fine plays the part of a kidnapped rape victim in an episode describing the horrific acts of the NorCal rapist still at large. The episode airs this Saturday on Fox.

A tearful farewell and many hugs and well wishes came from the students she'd come to love and who obviously returned the sentiment. "All I can say, is I had the most amazing day of my life so far with my students." she told a representative for "Denim Day in LA".

As a result of this contest and the interest raised by Miss Fine’s efforts, the designs from this contest will be placed on exhibit in public places around LA.

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