Comedienne Kathy Buckley Spreads the Word: There are “No Limits” for Hearing-Impaired Kids

Comedienne, actress, author, and renowned motivational speaker Kathy Buckley knows a bit about overcoming a challenge; or fifty! Billed as “America’s First Hearing Impaired Comedienne,” she has survived growing up with a hearing loss, cancer, being run over by a jeep, and navigating the waters of Hollywood. Today the talented entertainer finds time in her busy schedule to be the hands-on spokesperson for No Limits, a Los Angeles based organization that works to develop the confidence and communication skills of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Kathy Buckley and the Kids

“What an awesome group of incredible young people,” Kathy says of the No Limits kids. While she is known for her incredible wit and sense of humor, she is quick to point out, “A child’s education is no joking matter.”

Kathy Buckley will perform with some of the kids from No Limits in a special show on Saturday June 19th at 7:00pm at the Kirk Douglas Theater. “Heroes’ Way” will highlight what it means to be a hero, and promises to be an inspiring evening.

Kathy answered a few questions for us about the show and her current projects:


L.A. Splash: What is "Heroes' Way" about and what do you think people will learn from it?

KB: “Heroes’ Way” is about the everyday people who are the heroes in your life. I will be doing comedyas well as sharing my stories about the people who have changed my life. The show will highlight the importance oftouching the lives of others.

L.A. Splash: What do you feel is the biggest misunderstanding people have when it comes to those with a hearing loss?

KB: A big misunderstanding is that because they have hearing devices, that they can hear everything. There is such a range to hearing losses; each individual has their own way of communicating.

L.A. Splash: Tell us about "No Limits" and how you became involved?

KB: I've been working with No Limits for 15 years. It started out as a theater group for deaf and hard of hearing children to build better communication skills, as well as social skills.

The magic of the theater was to sit back and watch self esteem and confidence build in these kids. It's amazing to watch their growth. Ihave to admit I am a little enviousit wasn't there for me growing up. It would have made a huge difference in my education.

About 6 years ago No Limits created an after school program for low-income families to help provide for their children with a hearing loss. You see, there is nothing wrong with having a hearing loss, but there is everything wrong with not being able to communicate. No Limits is all about hearing what's in the heart of adeaf child.

L.A. Splash: What do you have coming up for your fans to look forward to?

KB: I’m having a great time working on a new comedy stage show called “Puberty at Fifty,” which will be finished later this year. My book, “If You Could Hear What I See: Lessons About Life, Luck, and the Choices We Make” was recently released in audio format on iTunes and other audio retailers. It has a bonus chapter, which I really enjoyed putting together. I’m also traveling doing motivational speaking, as well as stand-up. And who knows…maybe another book?

Heroes’ Way performs Sat., June 19 at 7:30 pm. Ticket includes show and Harmony with No Limits’ reception (following the show). Kirk Douglas Theatre is located at 9820 Washington Blvd., Culver City. For Ticket information, call 310.280.0878.

For more information about No Limits, visit For more about Kathy Buckley, visit or join her on Facebook at

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