Chelsea Girls at The Roxy on Sunset with Carmen Electra Music Review -- For Those About to Rock, These Girls will Seduce You

The Chelsea Girls, heralded as the first-ever female all-star-super-cover-band, filled The Roxy on Sunset Thursday night and played famous rock covers that kept the crowd moving and cheering.  Carmen Electra hosted the ladies’ night and brought an angelic, exciting feel to an already fun time.  

Tuesdae reigns the stage Photo: Genie Sanchez,

The Chelsea Girls are an experience.  Crowd packed tightly into the venue’s dark, angular room. Everything from hardcore black leather get-ups, to upscale suits with loosened ties.  And that, in itself, explains the appeal of The Chelsea Girls.  Different women with different styles uniting their fans by music.  

Buzz in the Air

The evening starts as I’m sure many do at The Roxy.  Constant line out front.  Paparazzi circling the block, and fans congregating.  Inside the tiered room fills up while openers Queen Kong keeps the energy high and smiles wide.

The stage sweeps closed and the lights dim to a nocturnal shade.  Suddenly the crowd thickens. The bar area, the pit, the booths and tables.  All shoulder to shoulder.  Standing room only.  

The curtain re-opens, unveiling the angelic Carmen Electra.  Such a sweet and glowing demeanor.  But tonight she has a fun and raunchy tone.  Perfect for what was about to be unleashed.

Carmen Electra Photo: Genie Sanchez,

Then like an explosion, Chelsea Girls begin.  High energy, pulsating sounds, rocking the crowd hard!  I’m not specifically a rock guy, nor a music guy.  I’m a performance guy.  If you can create a show that moves me, or really moves the audience, I’m into it.  And they do.

Which One’s Your Fave?

The first thing noticeable is their theatrics.  How they move, play and work the stage.  All four are attractive blondes.  Each has a different feel, look, style.  I know this will illicit groans, but there was a Sex and the City vibe to them, each conveying a different relatable personality.  

Tuesdae, the lead vocalist, has a dominatrix feel. Sexy, painfully strong, completely in control.  She charges the crowd and marches around the stage.  Years ago, she achieved nightlife icon status for her award-winning cabarets and parties in Manhattan, and nabbed a pictorial in Playboy due to her success as a female DJ.  Now she’s 8 inches away from you as she teases and taunts.

Corey Parks, on bass, has a tomboy gruffness to her that melts away as she works her axe. The fire-breathing bass player started in the Grammy-nominated Southern band Nashville Pussy, but has also designed clothing for the likes of Steven Tyler, Bono, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow and Britney Spears.  She spins hard, grinding out the tunes.

Allison Robertson, on guitar, is the most fun to watch.  Tender and hot, delivering O-faces with each sustained chord.  For her solo’s, every camera and Iphone in the crowd came out to capture her one frame at a time.  As a founding member of The Donnas, she has changed the way people consider "girl guitar players" and has created her own unique trademark pop/metal sound.  And here she is massaging the notes just for you.

Samantha Maloney on drums Photo: Genie Sanchez,

Sam Maloney delivers a pounding that’s easy to move to.  With TV commercial-like wind  blowing through her hair and a high energy motion, she’s a real-life special effect.  Known as one of the sexiest drummers in rock, her presence has graced such bands as Hole and Motley Crue; and many movie soundtracks.  Now she’s rapping the skins and your spine’s feeling it.

Under the Covers

Guns and Roses, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath...  Again, not a Rock guy.  But even so, you recognize it like family.  Everyone already loves the songs.  Now they just want to hear a cool band play it so we can sing-a-long, relive the time and have all that fun again.  Chelsea Girls do not disappoint.  Time and again they brought a fresh energy to songs decades’ old.  

Crowd cheers for Chelsea Girls Photo: Genie Sanchez,

There’s a certain feeling of camaraderie when you look around the audience and everyone’s singing along.  Suddenly strangers are friends, united by good music and a great band.

See Them Once, See Them Again

So, I’m a recent convert.  My first question was “who are they?”  After spending the night with them, my next question is: how can I see more of them?”

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