Bubbles and Cheesecake Launch Party - A Kitschy Extravaganza

The paring of multi-talented Allee Willis, best known for her songwriting and composing abilities, and singer-songwriter Holly Palmer, formerly of the Gnarls Barkley live bank, proved to be a terrifically kitschy affair at their website/record/art store launch party on Wednesday night in the Valley.

Willis and Palmer, whose alter egos form the team Bubbles and Cheesecake, have worked together on the collaborative song “It’s a Woman Thang” and premiered the animated video to this single at the launch party.  Between showings of the video, guests, including several notable songwriters and actors, dined on champagne (representing Bubbles), cheesecake and malt liquor, along with such soul food delights as sausages, ribs, chicken, collard greens, sweet potatoes and macaroni & cheese. 

The Bubbles and Cheesecake art store was also open for business, selling barbecue aprons and t-shirts in conjunction with other kitschy, unique, and off-beat items, all of which can be found and bought on their website www.bubblesandcheesecake.com.

Bubbles and Cheesecake Artwork

This extravagant event was hosted in “Willis Wonderland,” the bright pink, kitschy decorated, 1930’s era home of Willis, which was once the party house for MGM.

Willis Wonderland Backyard

Reminiscent of the duo’s style and unique personalities is their website www.bubblesandcheesecake.com.  This highly interactive, humorous, colorful, and energetic site is an integration of music, art, multimedia, technology, shopping, and a lifestyle experience.  The bio of Willis mentions that in everything she does, she asks herself, “Has it got soul?”  The answer to this question regarding not only the look of the website but its contents as well is a definite YES.  The mass creativity that was so obviously, yet effortlessly funneled into the site is reflected in every detail.  Silly cartoon figures of women of all shapes, sizes, and races act as the links to the various content of the site including games, videos, art, music, photos, guestbook, lyrics, and the online store. 

Bubbles and Cheesecake Artwork

Bubbles and Cheesecake pronounce, in their “about” section of the website, that the website is intended as a “portal through which to discover a universe of unique sounds, images, writings, social networking and products.”  It isn’t just about a promotional website for this dynamic duo, it’s about a lifestyle and a feeling.  It’s been called “the soul man’s Martha Stewart” the site boasts. All of their handmade music, videos, art, animation, and merchandise provide a sensory thrill and a sort of soul-kitsch revolution to cyber space and beyond.

Willis, aka Bubbles, has many credits to her name including a Grammy win, Emmy and Tony nominations, and has worked as a composer/songwriter, copy writer, party host, journalist, visual artist and a cyber consultant.  She additionally wrote music for the Broadway play The Color Purple and one of her hit songs is the theme from the television show Friends, “I’ll be there for you” by the Rembrandts. 

Palmer, aka Cheesecake, aside from touring with the Gnarls Barkley Live Band has also dueted with David Bowie and Michael Buble. She has also worked on vocal collaborations with Dr. Dre.  She also has four solo albums. They were Tender Hooks, Songs For Tuesday, and I Confess under the Bombshell label as well as Holly Palmer. 

Allee Willis and Holly Palmer

For more information visit www.bubblesandcheesecake.com.

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