Brian Anthony's Music Video Shoot Review - "Worked Up!"

Chart-topping singer and songwriter, Brian Anthony is on his way to becoming one of the biggest pop sensation in the UK and the United States. With already major singles like " Come and Get It," which was featured in 20th Century Fox animated film, " Garfield 2: Tail of Two Kitties" and " WhatsitgonnaB? (I'm So Ready)," a bonus dance track on the DVD release of " Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," Anthony is rapidly thriving as a megastar in the music industry as he gets ready to launch the music video of his newest hit single, "Worked Up!"

Brian Anthony is all smiles on set

Taking place at the most frequented New York Street in the FOX Studio Lot; Brian Anthony's music video shoot was an exciting place to be on Sunday night, September 14th.

New York City Street at FOX Studios

Not only was it a great chance to meet and greet with our debut artist, but it was also a privileged opportunity to take an inside look of what really goes on behind-the-scenes of a music video.

camera crew at work

The diversity of people who showed up to celebrate this night for Anthony's "Worked Up!" video shoot---production crew, cast, press, fans, dancers, and bystanders---was fantastic. It was hard not to get excited about what was going on at every corner of the faux New York City set. The event hosted and welcomed press to take part in the celebrity cameo video shoot accompanied with VIP Press dinner.

Dancers on the "Worked Up!" set


Also spotted on set were Colleen Shannon (The World's sexiest DJ, Playboy Magazine's 50th Anniversary Playmate), Natalie Reid (Paris Hilton Look-a-like, The Simple Life), CC Perkinson (Actress, TV Host), and Dimitri Hamlin (International DJ)--each playing some role in Brian Anthony's music video.

Spotted: Natalie Reid


In the music video, Colleen Shannon plays the female-leading role as another pop singer and Brian Anthony's sexy sidekick. Standing at just a little over 5'2 in her black skin-tight, leather jumper and tall, black suede boots, Shannon was very professional and very sweet to hang out with on set.

Interviewing Colleen Shannon on set

As a renowned DJ around the world and Playboy Magazine's 50th Anniversary Playmate, it was no surprise how Shannon's undeniably ravishing presence snagged so much attention from everyone---press and fans alike. When asked to pose for a few photographs, Shannon delivers outstanding postures and gave us many amazing shots from little to no effort on the camera. She is truly a star.

Colleen Shannon


The dinner break for press--which was catered by Joan's on Third--gave us a chance to talk a little bit with CC Perkinson. Up close and personal, Perkinson is a beautiful and charming woman. As we talked to her about her attendance and appearances at many LA red-carpet events, this actress, TV host, and producer, proved herself to be very well-rounded in the entertainment industry.

Catching up with CC Perkinson

In "Worked Up!" she plays her charismatic self, running after superstar Brian Anthony up and down the street with 4-inch heels on. If that isn't admirable, I don't know what it.

CC Perkinson in "Worked Up!"

Meeting with Brian Anthony himself was quite the treat. With his enthusiasm for music, a suave personality, and a smile that makes us melt, this singer is sure to win over the hearts of many. His dynamic persona makes him hard to ignore and very fun to be around. It's not just his urban, pop vocals and sexy, hip-hop dance moves that earned this artist such international respect, but Brian Anthony possesses genuine, electrifying qualities that make him stand out amongst the rest.

Brian Anthony and Colleen Shannon on set

As a talented singer, Anthony is also the creative writer and producer of this own songs, which is what fabricates his fresh outlook on music. But even with hits rapidly climbing the ladder of music billboards, this artist continues to remain humble through it all and admits that he is still, in fact, learning about this business.

And now beyond his early days of faking piano lessons and spending most of his teen years in a recording studio at his hometown in northern California, Brian Anthony is ready to make his mark in the music and dance industry all around the world.

car scene

His latest single, “Worked Up!” is a new and fun sound to dance to. This track is summer’s hot pick and will in no time become a club-scene favorite. Be sure to check out more on Brian Anthony and his music at . That’s a wrap! 

Directors on the "Worked Up!" set


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