An Evening with The Sistahs – Three One Women Shows Celebrating Black American Women

An Evening With the Sistah's

Frustrated that roles for Black Women were shrinking, actress Erika Cohen started writing.  “I knew I couldn’t be part of the white culture but I knew that if I started being funny, people would take notice of me.” And notice they did.  

Coming out dressed in a straight jacket, Erika told the hilarious story of how she grew up in Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada and then in New York.  Truthful and extremely funny, Erika’s first piece “The Crazy Black Woman” was chosen for NAACP’s 10 minute play festival. 

An Evening With the Sistah's: Erika Cohen

The second set of the evening was preformed by Maryella Dyson, an accomplished young actress from Georgia, showing her versatility by performing her experiences of life as both the stewardess and several of the passengers on the plane.  

Omaha’s Fee King, the third writer -performer, has been in the Los Angeles area for seven years, appearing in such shows and commercials  as The Shield, Bold and Beautiful, MTV and commercials.  

In the episode, Mama Was a Bad Mutha..Shut Ya Mouth, Fee portrays eighteen different characters.  Her smooth physical comedy and ability to engage the audience empowered us to join her in laughter as we followed her antics.  Fee was undoubtedly one of the most talented actresses of the evening as she flirted from voice and characters to new actions. 

An Evening With the Sistah's: Maryella Dyson

It was this play that in 2005, garnered her the  NAACP’s Best Lead Actress Theatre Nomination.  Her own production company, The Other Side of Money,” has been seen on E Magazine Lifestyle Fitness/Variety show for Tweens and is she currently works with Josh Duhamel (Transformers) on an unnamed TV pilot.

Creating Sistah’s Inc, Erika decided to develop a production company to produce projects for women of all ages and colors, thus creating a sisterhood of positive change and growth.  

An Evening With the Sistah;s, Fee King

All three of these talented actresses are currently unagented and looking for someone who will see their potential.  With talent like this, they shouldn’t be hanging for long.  

An Evening With the Sistahs” is the first production of  Sistah’s Inc.  More we hope will follow.  For more information about the play’s future runs or the actors, please contact Erika Cohen, 323-687-9439, [email protected]

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