An Evening of Aural Pleasures at Coco De Mer

Coco De Mer celebrates the Birthday of Marquis Michael Des Barres with readings of classical erotic literature.

Coco De Mer offers hidden treasures

Question of the day: Who could resist a night of pleasure hosted by a Marquis?

The evening was an intimate gathering actor, musicians, and other sensual beings

Answer: I actually can’t answer that question because I don’t know. What I do know is that person is not me.  When I heard about “Aural Pleasures”  I was....lets see….perfect word search....uuhhmm….interested? Yes, but that doesn’t quite say it. So, lets try curious, intrigued, and oh ho, here’s a good one…titillated. Yes, there’s a good word titillated, feel how that rolls of the tongue, tit-il-la-ted, mmmhhmmm.

The birthday boy reading from an anonymous 18th century writer

Pleasure is what this titillating event was all about and the location host of the event, Coco De Mer is all about pleasure. Coco De Mer named after a seed which resembles part of the female body, is an erotic store that has crossed the pond from London and found a home here in the states in Los Angeles on Melrose Ave.

Marquis Michael Des Barres

The Marquis Michael Des Barres is a former British hard rock singer and front man of the 19790’s Los Angeles band Detective. He is also an actor, notably playing ‘rock stars’ on TV and in the movies. The evening festivities were  held in honor of his Birthday.

Anouska de Georgiou

The stage had a lone chair and microphones on it. The evening started with the invitees arriving, mingling with each other, sipping champagne nibbling mini cupcakes and exploring the treasures offered at Coco’s.  They eventually made there way out to the back courtyard which was set up with chairs for the evenings reading.

Rome Apple Shadanloo

The Marquis began the evening with reading a classical piece of erotic literature from an anonymous 18th century writer. He was followed by actress Rome Apple Shadanloo reading from Anais Nin. Other readers included actress/singer, Anouska de Georgiou who read part of a short story by the Marquis De Sade. And actress/singer/songwriter Lisa Zane toped the evening off reading from Fanny Eramont read first in French and then again in English. All the literature choices were classical pieces read with style and sensuality.

Lisa Zane

The evening was an intimate gathering actor, musicians, and other sensual beings most of whom were friends of the Marquis, and friends of Coco De Mer.  Things were finished off with a rosing rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung to the Marquis and generous portions of a birthday cake as delicious as the “aural pleasures” which had just been offered.

Exploring the treasures offered

Coco De Mer
8618 Melrose Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA90069
310 652 0311

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