All that Skate Review - Sharing the Dream

The ice glistened on Staples floor as the champion skaters glided onto the ice.  All That Skates – Share the Dream, presented by All that Sports.  The smooth voice of Wade Bowling announced each of the skaters 

All that Skate: Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy

Reigning Olympic champion 20 year old Yuna Kim joined figure skating legend Michelle Kwan. Sharing the joy, passion and intensity as they performed for us, they welcomed champions US Ashley Wagner, German pairs Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, US Johnny Weir, Dancers Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto, Canadian Patrick Chan, ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Chinese Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, and Swiss Stephane Lambiel.

All that Skate: Michelle Kwan

Michelle returns to the US for the first time in four years straight from another tour.  Knowing that her time on the ice as a champion is limited, Michelle has begun pursing a career in foreign policy.  

Three of the Olympic champions are performing for the very first time outside the competitions and all are relieved not to have the immediate pressure of the judging.  

All that Skate: Yuna Kim

The theme of Share the Dream was first developed as a symbol for Yuna Kim’s long journey to the winning of the Olympic championship.  She spoke later of her mentor Michelle Kwan.  Yuna started skating at the age of 5 in a country where ice skating was not popular. Now Queen of the Ice, she has achieved her dream. Her favorite thing about performing is telling a story.  

All that Skate: Stephane Lambiel

The music varied from fast paced and jazzy to funny and calming classic, with each skater giving their own unique spin on the songs.

All that Skate:Yuna Kim

All of the skaters did phenomenally as they jumped and spun, flinging their partners up in the air and under their legs, cartwheeling and looping.  Much was the work of David Wilson, the artistic director and choreographer.  

The inspirational women lite up the ice as they performed together a ladies dance.  

All that Skate: Patrick Chan

Tessa and Scott did amazing as they changed costumes on the ice, while dancing.  

The one and only Johnny Weir, the hip hop king of the ice, performed a hilarious piece to Lady Gaga’s Poker face. 

All that Skate: Johnny Weir

Aliona and Robin also were charming as they did Barbie Girl telling the story of Barbie and Ken growing up.

All that Skate: Michelle Kwan and Yuna Kim

My favorites were the pair performance by Yuna and Michelle as they danced a duet to Mariah Carey’s Hero and the Bboys Battling the men skaters as the street dancers.  

All That Skate: Michelle Kwan

The back drops and lightning by David Finley, Cheil Worldwide, Abigail Rosen Holmes, Todd Randall, Felix Peralta all fit with each skater and each dance, enhancing the viewing.  The costumes by Lie Sang Bong were elegant and she was helped along by the wardrobe director Mekhell Cassagnol.  Producers were Paul Chadwick, Scott Williams, Terri Heron with assistants Patrick Hancock, Dorothy McKim, Azumi Sagara, Tamalin Srisook, and John Testa.  Audio was supplied by Frank Barone and video by Kim Media.  

All that Skate: Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo

Sponsors for the event included Visit Korea, Coca-Cola, Infinitely Yours, Seoul, Korean Air, East West Bank, Special Olympics, and AT Sports.  

According to Mi Hee Park, the CEO of All that Sports, this is the first but there will be many more ice skating events.  

Watch NBC, Channel 5, this Sunday for a videotape of the performance.  

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