A Terrifying Weekend of Horror from Creation Entertainment

Weekend of Horror - Robert Englund (Freddy Kreuger of Nightmare on Elm Street)

Terror returned to Los Angeles with Creation Entertainment’s Weekends of Horror.  Held at the Mariott Los Angeles Airport Hotel, 5855 West Century Blvd, the three day event hosted favorites as Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger – NIGHTMARE OF ELM STREET), Heather Langenkamp (Nancy Thompson) and Dario Argento (celebrated writer/director of the DEMONS series). 

Weekend of Horror - Adam Green (Hatchet 2) and Henry Tarlow

This annual gathering of gore fans rolled out the red carpet for the visitor to meet with  the wonders of the horror world.  Numerous special events, previews and contests rounded out the weekend.  Friday night was a Zoombie walk.  After that, the Shock N Roll Spooktacular and Xteme Fashion Show took place.  Live performers, many of them attendees themselves, entertained. There were events such as illusionist, side show performers, and Burlesque Troupes.

Weekend of Horror - composer Henry

Many people opted the extra few dollars to hobnob with Englund and other horror stars.   Then exclusively for the gold patrons was a Zoombie Ball.  Lots of gore friends filled the ballroom as the horror stars partied.  There was also the costume competition.  It was totally amazing what people came up with.  

Sunday was the Terrifying Tattoo Contest.  Judges decided not only most horrifying, but also best color, best portrait, goriest, and overall effect.  Over $1,000 was given away in prizes.  

Weekend of Horror - Panel

As in previous years the convention sold out but tickets ran from the gold package, which was absolutely the best way to attend. This included all the autographs and photo ops as well as private parties and reserved seats for the panels.  These ran $240.  General admission for non reserved seats and extra fees for the autographs, etc was $65.  Single day passes were also for sale both as preferred and general admission.  Tickets ran slightly higher if you bought them at the event rather than buying them on line.  

Horror films played all weekend long so if you didn’t want to attend a panel, you had that option.  

Photo and autograph opportunities abounded but you had to pay a slight additional fee for the privilege.  Lines were around the corner for the photos of Robert Englund and many actors were selling stills of their movies.

The Jason Voorhees Panel also included notables as composer Harry Manfredini, John Buechler, and Jason in his various incarnations as Ari Lehman, Warrington Gillette, Steve Dash, Richard Booker, Ted White, Dick Wieand, Tom Morga, John Hock, Kane Hodder, and Ken Kirzinger (FREDDY VS JASON).

Weekend of Horror Leandra

The Michael Myers Panel had the Michaels - Tony Moran, Will Sandin, Dick Warlock, George Wilbur, Erik Preson, Tom Morga, Don Shanks, Michael Lerner, Chris Durand and Brad Loree.  

Others appearing were writer/director Stuart Gordon, Barbara Crampton (Megan Halsey of RE-ANIMINATOR), Bruce Abbott (Daniel Cain – RE ANIMATOR), Jeffrey Combs (Herbert West – RE-ANIMATOR), Robert Sampson (Dean Alan Halsey –RE-ANIMATOR),  Dennis Paloi (screenwriter, RE-ANIMATOR). Adam Green (Director/writer/producer - HATCHET, Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13TH), R. A Mihailoff (LEATHERFACE), Tony Todd (CANDYMAN), Bill Moseley (2002 MANIACS), Tom Holland (Director/writer/actor PSYCHO II),  Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN 4&5), John Saxon ( NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET,) Erica Leershen (BOOK OF SHADOWS,) Lisa Wilcox (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), Harry Manfredini ( Composer FRIDAY THE 13TH), John Buechler (Director/actor/writer. Producer/special effects MAUSOLEUM), Sean Cunningham (Producer \Director FROM BEYOND), Ashlynn Yennie  (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE,) Akihiro Kilamura (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE,) Jeff Lieberman  (Writer/ director/producer SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER,) Joe Dante (Director The HOWLING), Leslie Hoffman  (NIGHTMARE ON ELM), Jeremy Kasten (Director WIZARD OF GORE), Joe Pilato (DAY OF THE DEAD), Tim Sullivan (writer/director/producer -2001 MANIACS), Lin Sahye (2001 MANIACS), Christa Campbell (2001 MANIACS),  Kevin Ogre Ogilvie (2001 MANIACS), Ryan Fleming (2001 MANIACS),  Brian Andrews (HALLOWEEN), Steven R Monroe (director I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE), Jeff Branson (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE), Sarah Butler (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE), Daniel Franzese (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE) , Jouhn Otrin (FRIDAY 13TH 7), and Rodney Eastman (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE).

weekend of horror - I spit on your grave panel

While this event is packed up, you can still pre-register for the October event  (15-17th) at the Burbank Marriot at a horrific deal of $229.  

For more information go to www.creationent.com/cal/woh.htm

Also in October is the Wicket West Haunted Ghost Town at Bonnie Springs, NV.  Outside the glitz of the Las Vegas strip, the desert town lies unaffected by modern technology.  The horror that is Bonnie Springs dares people to enter the dusty gates.  As the only real haunted town in Southern Nevada, there will be five different haunts, a horror film fest, haunted train, celebrity ghost appearances and much more. 
Visit  http://www.wickedwesthaunt.com  for all the haunting information.

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