A New Golden Set Gives a Twist to Tennis!

Tracy Austin, Lindsay Davenport

Tennis champions Lindsay Davenport and Tracy Austin have recently teamed-up on a national skin-health awareness initiative, sponsored by Allergan, Inc., to educate both women and men about skincare choices at any age. As part of the Decades of Smooth campaign, this “golden set” is speaking at leading tennis tournaments across the country offering their “winning strategies” on tennis as well as looking and feeling their best – both on and off the courts.  

Lindsay Davenport

Lindsay’s pointers:

  • I think one of the most important things you can do for your skin is to visit your dermatologist – for health checks and to discuss any aesthetic treatments you may be considering.   
  • I’ve always been a believer in keeping it simple. My routine consists of a gentle face wash, a good moisturizer and lots of sunscreen.  
  • I also receive treatment with JUVÉDERM™ dermal filler for my “parentheses” lines along the sides of the nose and mouth.  The results are great! I instantly looked a lot more refreshed, and my skin had a smooth and natural look and feel. The treatment was quick with minimal downtime and results can last up to a year – perfect for my hectic schedule.
  • When I’m not playing tennis, I aim for 30 minutes of physical activity a day, five days a week. Try to do something different every day, to keep exercise interesting while getting your heart rate going. I enjoy the elliptical machine, which doesn’t put too much stress on the body and burns more calories than the stationary bike.
  • To get ready to play the 2008 Olympics and in this year’s US Open, I am a firm believer that Pilates, interval training, and weight training, are critical to maintain strength, balance and keep centered – both physically and emotionally. I also try to eat well and follow a sugar-free diet before games and whole and healthy meals after matches.

Tracy Austin

Tracy’s pointers:

  • My skin care routine is pretty simple—yet very disciplined.  I use sunscreen head-to-toe every day.  I also use a gentle daily face wash, a good moisturizer, a few specialty creams, and I see a dermatologist regularly.  
  • Don’t be afraid to change up your skin care routine and try something new.  Ask your friends who have great skin about what they do, research online, and talk to experts.  There are a lot of options out there.
  • I visit my dermatologist for “grand slam” tune-ups before big matches.  This means, getting my regular skin check as well as treatment with JUVÉDERM™ dermal filler – which instantly fills in facial wrinkles and folds during a short, in-office procedure! People always come up to me now and say that I look great, but they can’t tell exactly why.  
  • Everyday, I am in constant motion balancing my family’s many sports and after-school activities.  Keeping up with my three sons is a great way to burn calories. I make a point of getting out of the car while I wait for their activities to finish.
  • I swear by yoga to stay well-stretched and injury free and also use a swim-belt to stay strong while not pushing too hard on my joints. I also feel that it is important to work-out whenever possible and to be creative. For example: “If you are at a hotel, grab a towel and do sit-ups; if you park your car, park it further away and walk, and always take the stairs, rather than the elevator.”

Both Davenport and Austin believe that looking and feeling your best improves your confidence and well-being no matter what game you play in life. Learn more at: www.juvederm.com.

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