A Chance to Meet and Hear Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter, musician and actress from Bay Village, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb.  Her highly anticipated second album, “A Fine Mess,” hit stores on May 18 and Voegele is presently promoting the album with her summer tour, which lands in Los Angeles on June 5 at the El Rey Theatre and before that her fans can meet Kate and see her perform live at Borders in Hollywood.  The gregarious beauty has come a long way since she started singing in her church choir at age ten and then writing her own music at the age of 15.  In addition to her successful singing career, Voegele has a recurring guest spot on the popular CW television series “One Tree Hill” as singer-songwriter Mia Catalano, which allows her to perform her own original songs.  Although the young lady’s focus is on the album and the tour to support it, she admits, “I’d like to pursue more acting roles in the future.”  Aside from her desire to act, it’s her voice that has carried Voegele to stardom.

            “I’ve really been singing since I was a little kid,” stated Voegele.  “But then, I really started taking it seriously and thought about writing my own songs when I was 15.  I was a freshman in high school and my dad taught me to play guitar.  My dad was the one who encouraged me to start and he took my demo tapes to the radio station and they started playing the songs.  That’s how it all started.”

            However, it wasn’t all her dad.  “My mom loved Carole King,” said Voegele. “As a result, I listened to her all the time and even went to her concert with my mom and that was the moment I decided I wanted to be on stage.  It seemed like such a special place.”

            It indeed has become a special place for the singer and she is enjoying the tour as much as her fans.  “The thing I love most about touring is the connection that you feel with the fans when you're on stage,” she said.  “There's something so cool about bringing this music right to the people who are inspired by it and playing it live.  Putting it together and having it sound amazing on the record is one thing.  But then, being able to get on stage and recreate that emotion, and throw something extra into it and make it raw because it's in real time and they're watching you do it, is such a cool experience.  I live to make music that people feel like they can take something away from.  After the show, if someone comes up to me and says, ‘Wow, your music has really inspired me,’ or ‘It really helped me through something,’ well, that's the coolest part of all.  And, seeing your fans sing my lyrics is completely awesome.”

            Touring isn’t all glamour and glitz.  “It can be hard because I live on a tour bus with nine boys, so it definitely can feel like a camp-out.  It's not glam, that's for sure.  But, I'm thrilled.  I love it.  It works for me.  It doesn't take much to please me.  But, as the only girl, it can be a little rough, sometimes. All the boys are like, ‘Yeah, man, whatever.  I haven't showered in two days.  It's cool.’ And, I'm like, ‘Oh, my God!’  I'm very much a girly girl, even though I'm a guy's girl as well, so it's an adjustment, but at the end of the day, it's so much fun.  Although one time, this one fan caught up to the bus and started licking it.  Now really, I found that to be a bit too much.  I mean, you can be a fan without licking the bus.

            “So, I hope when I arrive in Los Angeles, my bus escapes without being licked.  The whole thing is just gross and dirty.”

            Voegele is looking forward to playing her 80 minute set, which includes 16 songs for the fans in Los Angeles.  The majority of the songs will be from “A Fine Mess,” which is a special recording for her.  “It's so much more current and, obviously, it's more grown-up because I'm more grown-up,” stated Voegele.  “It's a little edgier, and it's a little bit more vulnerable and honest.  I think my writing in high school was a bit more mysterious.  I tried to hide a little bit of what I was trying to say in metaphors or stories.  Now, I feel like I'm a bit more cut and dry about what I'm experiencing because I'm not as afraid to tell people what's going on.  In high school, I didn't want the kid next to me in math class to know I was writing a song about him.  So, they both have their own things about them that are very me and very representative of who I am, but this new record is just fresh.  It's an evolution, for sure.  And, it’s an evolution to perform these songs in front of people.  I am enjoying playing ’99 Times’ in front of people because it’s been so well received wherever we perform.  It’s a fun-driving rock song and the energy I get from the audience is so awesome.  I even recorded a video for you tube to show everyone how I play the song.”

            The talented performer has found inspiration in many places and the connection she has found with her fans has provided some of that inspiration.  “Inspiration, for me, comes from pretty much anywhere and, most often, the most unexpected places,” she said.  “What's cool about this second record is that most people have so much pressure on them for the second record and they take a couple months somewhere to write it, but I kind of accidentally wrote this record on the road, over the last year and a half, promoting my first record for the many people who came to listen to it.  I was so busy and my life was so crazy, but I was constantly meeting new people and traveling to new places.  I was working on a TV set, for the first time.  I was taking online courses in school, while I was also playing gigs every night.  I was super-busy, but the inspiring thing to me is everyday life and the things that go on, throughout the course of having that busy, non-stop existence.  I was so excited, when it came time to make this record, because it had kind of already written itself, just from all the different factors of having a crazy, busy life that were inspiring to me.  The fans provided a connection for me that I placed into my music because of the inspiration I found in them.”

            Voegele’s Los Angeles fans can see the inspiration up close and meet her at Borders before her concert performance.  “I love to meet my fans and give them back something because they have given me so very, very much.  I would like to tell them how much I appreciate them and how awesome they are.”

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