87th Academy Awards- Make Your Oscar Sunday Memorable

Very few people have an invite to watch the 87th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, but that doesn't mean you have to enjoy it any less than the people who are attending this magical night in person. Splash Magazines Worldwide has put together a few funs spots for you to take in the awards and a few cocktails to make the evening a little more fun.

EDWIN MILLS By Equator, the recently-opened sophisticated new gastropub-isque restaurant and bar, has quickly become a favorite in Old Pasadena! EDWIN MILLS recently introduced special events and theme nights into their lineup and on Sunday, February 22nd  EDWIN MILLS will be screening the Academy Awards on numerous screens its huge movie screen visible from the entire restaurant.  EDWIN MILLS is also serving up a special surprise drink, The Oscar! People are encouraged to make reservations at www.edwinmills.com.

Edwin Mills

No one knows more about predicting the Academy Awards than Johnny Avello of the Race and Sports Book at Wynn Las Vegas. Guests of the Wynn viewing party will have the opportunity to participate in trivia games and contests for the chance to win prizes. Johnny Avello, executive director of race and sports book operations at Wynn Las Vegas, is renowned for his entertainment odds, such as “Dancing with the Stars,” “American Idol,” and several motion picture and music awards shows. This year, Avello’s top picks include “Boyhood” for Best Picture, Michael Keaton for his leading role in “Birdman,” and Julianne Moore for her role in “Still Alice.” Doors open at 3 p.m. for the viewing party.

Gerber Group is hosting a free Oscar viewing party at The Roof at Viceroy New York on Sunday night at 6 p.m.  The renowned hospitality brand has created themed cocktails for guests to enjoy inspired by "Best Picture" nominees, including Selma, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, Grand Budapest Hotel, and Birdman (recipes and inspiration below).

Attendees are encouraged to put on their best awards-show swag and dress up, as the venue will be giving out champagne to the "best dressed." Ballots will also be on hand for guests to guess the winners -- any ballots who correctly predict the outcomes of all the major categories will also win a bottle of champagne.

THEORY OF EVERYTHING - Courtesy of The Roof    ($18)

1.5 oz.  Stoli

1 oz. Singani

.5 oz. lemon

.75 oz. simple

Muddled strawberries

Served in a coup topped with Prosecco

Garnished with a mint leaf

INSPIRATION: The Theory of Everything tells the beautiful story of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane Wilde Hawking. This cocktail uses vodka, strawberries and brandy to tell of the sweetness yet sophistication of the couple and their unique relationship with each other. The drink is topped with wine and a mint leaf to further represent the couple’s air of intelligence.

SELMA - Courtesy of The Roof ($18)

1.5 oz. Woodford Reserve

.5 oz. Fresh Lime

.25 oz. Demerara

.75 oz. Apricot Liquor

3 dashes Angastora

On the rocks with a spoonful of Laphroaig float

INSPIRATION: Selma tells the story of the historical 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches in Alabama, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., which acted as the main passage to equal voting rights for African-Americans. The “Selma” cocktail’s main ingredient, Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey, is an homage to the Deep South, having originated in Shively, Kentucky.

IMITATION GAME - Courtesy of The Roof  ($18)

Muddle 1 orange slice

1 oz. JP Wispers Rye

1 oz. Jager Spice

.5 oz. Fresh lemon juice

Rox glass, sugar rim

Shake, pour over fresh ice in a rox glass with a sugar rim

INSPIRATION: Imitation Game focuses on the life of British cryptanalyst and computer scientist Alan Turing, who is best known for cracking Nazi Germany’s naval Enigma code. This cocktail’s main ingredient, JP Wiser’s Rye, a Canadian rye whiskey, represents an “imitation” – it does not taste like a regular American whiskey, but has a sweeter effect that is not at all expected, much like the Enigma codes. The cocktail has notes of lemon juice and Jager to pack the full punch of World War II’s deepest secrets.

GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL - Courtesy of The Roof

1.5 oz. cinnamon infused Casamigos Blanco

.75 oz. apricot liquor

.5 oz. fresh lime

Rocks glass, with a half salted and cinnamon rim

INSPIRATION: At the Grand Budapest Hotel, Monsieur Gustave H. is being framed for murder. Believing he did not commit the crime, one of his hotel employees, Young Zero Moustafa, teams up with him in order to prove his innocence to the rest of the staff. However, it’s difficult to know who to trust at the hotel when lies and secrets are abound. This cocktail features a balance of cinnamon tequila and sweet apricot liquor, which leaves both a guilty and innocent taste.

BIRDMAN - Courtesy of The Roof ($18)

1.5 oz.  Old Forrester

.5 oz. Benedictine

2 shots of bitters

.25 oz. Demerara

Rocks glass, with orange twist placed like a “v” on top

INSPIRATION: The Birdman cocktail is liquid form of Michael Keaton’s character in the namesake film. Much like Keaton’s real life, having played Batman in 1989, his character Riggan Thompson has already seen his fame in Hollywood, and is now trying to pave his way on Broadway.The drink’s mix of bourbon whiskey is a nod to his past fame, while the sweeter accents of Demerara leave you wondering whether he really left all of his fame in the past. Finally, there is a “v” shaped orange twist placed on top, to resemble Birdman’s iconic wings.

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