2016 Labyrinth Masquerade Ball Preview – Promising To Be Bigger and More `Fantastical’ Than Ever

June 27, 2016 

Photography by Greg Autry *



The Nineteenth Annual `LABYRINTH OF JARETH MASQUERADE BALL’ will return  August 5th & 6th to the Historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel, at 506 Grand Avenue, in downtown Los Angeles.  I’ll be there.












As suggested by my beloved wife Sandy, and in response to several request by my readers, I am writing this Preview (with pics from prior Balls) to highlight the upcoming event, highlight additions, and make sure everyone knows the dates well in advance.














The Labyrinth Ball, or LOJ as we call it, is “A night of Fantasy and Dreams within the Royal Court “ and is themed around the 1986 film, `Labyrinth,’ by Jim Henson and George Lucas that stared Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.  This year is promising to be bigger and more `Fantastical’ than ever.














Fantasy and Masquerade know no bounds at the LOJ. The arts, in all forms, are prevalent in Southern California in film, animation, theatre, and dance, whether it be in performance art or visual arts, and the place where  all these artist come to show their personal creative visions is right here at THE LABYRINTH OF JARETH MASQUERADE.














The Labyrinth of Jareth is a Masquerade Ball based on Venetian tradition, Celtic faerie and Goblin lore. There are stories of fantasy and wonder lost within the borders of chaos and light, where nobles dance among the Fae while goblins wait with hungry eyes in the wings of their court. The most amazing fantasy artists, costumers, and special effects crews participate in bringing a diverse host of creatures and mythologies alive each year.  They perform in shows on stage, and cavort about the Ball, for all to frolic with and make merry. And believe me, there is a lot of “Frolicking” and making of the “Merry.”














This Masquerade Ball is one of the few classical events OPEN TO ANYONE who has dreamed of a surrealistic fantasy fading into a single night (or two) of dance and revelry. Music and visuals heighten your senses as the night shields the Goblin Court and the chambers surrounding it. The artists of Sypher Arts Studio continue to proudly offer this tribute to dreamers and imagination.






Costumes based on the `Labyrinth’ theme, or formal attire with a decorative mask is required and that can mean anything from the simplest design to the most elaborate.






The point of any Masquerade Ball is to astonish others, as you yourself are astonished, by the uninhibited exhibitionist creativity that dwells in the minds of us all.  Come, start simple, and each and every year you get new ideas to try, or to add to your costume.
















One of the most wonderful aspects of the Ball are the friends I’ve made whom I take such great joy in having the opportunity to photograph and share my art with. I do look forward each year, to see what wild, fun, new, and sexy costumes have been conjured up.



















This year, The Biltmore becomes the new permanent home of the Ball, allowing a bigger space with more possibilities, and yet remaining in the architecturally historic vein that allows all to be enveloped in a `world of our own creation.’  This Party is a complete take-over of one of the most venerable venues in the USA. While rooms at the Biltmore were booked solid by February, there is availability (as of this writing) at the superb `Hilton Checkers Hotel’ just across the street [be sure to ask for the special rate for patrons of the Labyrinth Ball.]






There is much that is new to explore this year. The realms from last year are intact including those for music and dance! The Twilight Grove Ballroom is a Faerie Realm deep in the Labyrinth, for you to come and find. There are VIP Pavilions which will be upgraded to Balconies and upper-level access, as well as coveted seats in the Bronze Cove room for the shows. The Elvish Gardens are reimagined this year for the new Biltmore venue. You can now eat at award-winning restaurants, offering special deals for costumed patrons within the venue. As usual, there will be plenty of areas for Libations and Refreshments, and lots of vendors with treats for all.






You can stay inside your hotel all weekend, or for those interested, a myriad of interesting places are nearby for daytime exploration. Such as;  Walt Disney Concert Hall or the Griffith Park Observatory. The Bradbury Building represents many historical buildings and theatres on Broadway. The Los Angeles Conservancy is a wonderful source of history and things o look for in LA.






Tickets for the Ball are available at $50.00 for Friday, August 5th, $65.00 for Saturday August 6th, or $111.00 for the Weekend Passport. Check the website for availability as the event is subject to selling out.  Click here for Labyrinth Masquerade Tickets.







You can also interact on Social Media with Patron and friends from the Ball.  Check out Facebook and Instagram, and of course my Facebook Page , Greg Autry Art & Photo, will have pics posted as well.














The Labyrinth Ball was one of the first events I covered for Splash Magazine, when Publisher Lawrence Davis called me personally to ask if I was interested.  I was, and the LOJ has become one of my favorites as well.  I will be traveling, from Northern California, to again cover the Ball for LA Splash Magazine, so I must thank Shawn and Sasha Strider along with all, of the amazing artist from Sypher Arts, and a special thanks in memory to Lawrence Davis, the innovator and creative genius behind Splash Magazine.





I will see you at the Ball. I’ll be the one with the sparkly red hat and jacket with the camera in front of my face. Come Find Me, say Hello, and lets take some pictures.  Be bold, and then watch for the second article , featuring pictures from this year’s Ball, and Party.


*All photographs copyright Greg Autry ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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