The Phantom of the Opera Review - The Mask Returns to Motown

Sheltered by a striking waterfront skyline, the Detroit Opera House lies amid some of the city’s most significant sports and music venues. From the mammoth Ford Field to the jewel of the Motor City’s Fox Theater, the 2,700 soft-seater room has undergone many renovations and modifications from its initial appearance in 1922. Since the most extensive refurbishment in 1996, it has been an annual host to many opera and dance productions from touring troupes, as well as a treasured stopover for a variety of musical and comedy artists.



This season the Detroit Opera House welcomes to its glorious stage once again The Phantom of the Opera. Cameron Mackintosh's striking new production of the revered Andrew Lloyd Webber classic boasts its newly reinvented staging and brilliant scenic design. With a cast and orchestra of 52 talented artists, the musical is noted as one of the largest productions in North America. Part of Broadway in Detroit's theater series the production runs from January 11 through to January 22. Following its sold-out tour in the United Kingdom, its trek through The United States and Canada will no doubt celebrate similar success.



Having been present at the January 13th performance, it is no question why the show has been hailed as the longest running musical in Broadway history. Derrick Davis (The Phantom of the Opera) who has also performed in other highly-successful musicals including The Lion King and Dreamgirls, was suited vocally for the role with his extensive range. Bringing his character to life, he lead the audience through feelings of utter sympathy for the masked figure to scenes of shear horror, as his plight to win over the lovely Christine was simply not to be.



Katie Travis was confident in her portrayal of Christine Daae’. Pegged as one of the most difficult roles to play in theater, her voice also seemed perfectly fitting for the character, almost as if it were written solely for her. With Jordan Craig as the fiery Raoul, along with an incredible supporting cast and a brilliant ensemble, the blue-color city had little reservation about slipping into its finest evening wear as few empty seats could be found that evening.



The experience of theater-going should not be solely viewed as an evening out on the town, but as an escape and an opportunity to see true commitment and talent as only theater can offer. Broadway in Detroit thankfully allows residents of The Motor City and its surrounding suburbs to in fact escape as the new year brings with it other impressive productions including Motown: The Musical, The Lion King, Rent, as well as Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Click on their link below to experience true live theater for yourself.



With the production running to mid 2017, The Phantom of the Opera continues its journey throughout North America until August, where it stops in Calgary, Canada and resumes the following year. However, despite where the performance may find you, let “The Music of the Night” bring you back to the beauty of the theater.



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