Sean "The Pen" Garrett Review - UnRapping A Star

Amerced in the passion of song writing and concealed from the limelight only long enough to nurture a natural born talent, is an artist secretly sculpting the sound of a generation. Reminiscent of a prize fighter training for his imminent day in the ring, Sean Garrett has sparred long enough to now touch gloves and compete in the arena of performing artists. Unlike earlier hit moguls David Foster and Dianne Warren whom found contentment solely in creating musical masterpieces, Sean has now chosen to transfer his creations from the sound room to the soundstage.        



An Atlanta, Georgia native born to parents who also had a love for music, Garrett’s environment invited creativity. With a move to Germany at an early age to unite the family with their father fulfilling his duties in the Armed Forces, Sean was exposed to Top 40 hits on the base’s network radio. New Edition, Boys ll Men, Mariah Carey and even The Beatles had a profound influence on this forthcoming hit-maker. By age 15 he had etched his initial deal as an artist in Europe and subsequently returned to his native soil where label restructuring hindered his signing to Warner Records.


Though temporarily disillusioned and facing the loss of his mother in 2002, Sean returned to a thriving musical community in his former home of Atlanta. Following a year of rediscovery, Sean authorized a deal with local Hitco Music Publishing which would eventually ignite his career and proclaim him as the daunting draftsman to the many chart-toppers heard today worldwide. His first, yet epic #1 hit “Yeah” with megastar Usher, not only sizzled radio frequencies in 42 countries, but claimed itself as the catalyst in driving the Confessions album to its Diamond status. With requests for his Midas touch leaking through the industry, Garrett stylized concurrent hits including “Run It” and “Wall To Wall” for Chris Brown as well as “Soldier” and “Lose My Breath” for the illustrious Destiny’s Child.


Consequently dubbed “The Pen” by none other than Hip-Hop legend Jay-Z himself, Garrett’s ability to ink the most recognizable hits of today suits the distinguished song writer aptly. A co-endorsement from Beyoncé may also be included, as their collaborations on “Check Up On It”, “Diva”, “Video Phone”, “Ring The Alarm”, “Upgrade You” and “Get Me Bodied” reinforce the honour. “Beyoncé is the biggest artist of our time. It’s an honour to be part of her success”, Garrett passionately states.


Now sufficiently established in the industry, Sean prepares himself for the biggest challenge of all - moulding himself into a performing pop icon alongside the many great artists he has helped further. However, with a legacy of 17 #1 hits and an additional 42 Top 10’s, his journey will no doubt lead to even greater success. After a gradual introduction with features on songs he wrote and produced himself for Enrique Iglesias and Ludacris, Garrett is currently signed to Columbia Records which has released his debut single “Feel Love” featuring J. Cole on this emotive ballad. Due out in May is his second release entitled “In Da Box”, with rapper Rick Ross.


Chipping away at the creation of a full-length album due out this year, Sean ‘The Pen’ Garrett hopes also to inspire an upcoming generation as his predecessors had inspired him. His interest in his younger audience, especially from urban communities, sends a message of recognizing the gifts they all possess. Nurturing those gifts, as evident in his own life, is the key. As for Sean Garrett ...... “the pen has been truly stronger than the sword”.

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