Don Felder Live at Freedom Hill Amphitheater - The Eagle Has Landed

With having co-penned the #1 song on the highest grossing album of the 20th Century, one might begin to ask what other form of musical approval or acknowledgement is still left yet to achieve. Referring unquestionably to the epic “Hotel California” from The Eagles’ 29-time platinum-selling record “Their Greatest Hits (1971 – 1975), Don Felder definitely has had and continues to have ‘the goods’. From seasoned guitarist, studio session musician and former Eagle to solo artist and now New York Times best-selling author, his professional and personal history is certain to have many more chapters still to be written.

Sitting down with the legend prior to his performance at Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Sterling Heights, Michigan, intimidation quickly turned to fascination as he meticulously shared with us his views, accomplishments and insightful journeys in and out of one of the greatest country-rock groups of all times. With our first of many future ‘videarticles’ to come, hear and see Felder as he reveals the truth behind the many misinterpretations and unknown facts behind the music and stories which propelled him from triumph to tragedy and back again.


What should fans expect to see at a Don Felder Performance? 


How does it feel to be in the spotlight onstage as a solo artist opposed to being in a band? 


Which ‘hat’ seems to fit you best these days? 


How do you feel when people ask you about your time with The Eagles? 


What is your interpretation of the lyrics in “Hotel California”? 


Describe the process of creating your first solo album “Road to Forever”? 


How do you feel about being recognized now as a best-selling author? 


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