Bassist Billy Sheehan - The 'Big' Interview

Bringing back the sound of great melodies bound to incredible musicianship are slick and dynamic rockers Mr. Big. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Eric Martin and propelled by the blistering chops of bassist Billy Sheehan, guitarist Paul Gilbert and drummer Pat Torpey, the group are currently supporting their latest album “Defying Gravity” with shows this summer in the U.S., South America and Mexico. Out in July, their ninth studio release, recorded in a span of six days, delivers the single “1992”, whose opening riff reminds us of what has been missing from the songs of today – virtuosic musical ability.

We sat down with Billy Sheehan in Westland, Michigan just before their show at The Token Lounge and spoke about all the 'Big' things going on recently. Check out the video clips below to hear his thoughts on the new album, recording, touring and the ever-changing music industry. 


Was the summer of '85 and the call from David Lee Roth the springboard to your future success? 


Is it true that Van Halen wanted you to replace original bassist Michael Anthony?


Did you ever take offense to being considered a 'lead' bass player?


How was it that “Defying Gravity” took only six days to record?


Is it hard to put an album together after a six-month absence from seeing one another?


Mr. Big's music is technical yet very hooky. Is that something that the band set out to accomplish?


What are your expectations for the success of “Defying Gravity”?


What changes have you, yourself noticed in the music industry?


How do you feel about releasing a new album in today's musical market?



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