Magnetico "Songs About The World" CD Review - NoHo Trio Truly Magnetic

One of the most creative and inspiring bands to come out of  California’s North Hollywood (NoHo) district is the powerhouse trio Magnetico. Recently voted by Music Connection Magazine as one of the Top 100 Unsigned Bands in the U.S.A., their sound and vibe are unique to say the least. Lead by guitar virtuoso and vocalist Rafael Moreira, whose accolades alone span the length of any of the many stages he has performed on, the group is sonically solid and are anchored  by Corey McCormick on bass guitar and Joey K. on drums.

Best recognized for his appearance as part of the House Band for the CBS television reality show Rock Star: INXS and subsequently Rock Star: Supernova, Rafael’s guitar brilliance has allowed him to support and play alongside some of rock and pop’s most elite artists. Included are Paul Stanley (KISS), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Don Felder (The Eagles), Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction), Pink, Cristina Aguilera, Marc Anthony and Enrique Iglesias. Following the 2005 release of Acid Guitar, his first instrumental solo album, Moreira is proud and eager to promote his latest project in the world of music which he is so clearly passionate about.

Entitled “Songs About The World”, Magnetico’s 2008 CD release is highly energized with guitar-heavy song writing alongside meaningful lyrics. Produced by Moreira himself, the disk also features his unique and creative vocal talents as well as hints at synth, keys and bass moog on three of the album’s tracks.

From the disk’s opening cut “The Emperor”, which is coincidentally also the band’s first music video, its catchy chorus phrase “I wanna change the world, I wanna change your mind” hits you in the chest. The mid-song tempo change which houses Rafael’s guitar solo and blistering finger-work challenges the listener to think outside the box. Filled with a bottom-heavy groove it is charged with expression and meaning.

The haunting “Nothingness” is cleverly written with its solid bass line throughout the verses below an imitating guitar riff accompanying the vocals. Guitar effects expand the boundaries of this song once again with Moreira’s imaginative and edgy playing both in the solo and throughout the track.

Kudos must go out to Joey K. for his solid and superbly tight drumming on “Invisible”. The groove set in the verse and his expressive playing in the chorus is brawny. His capabilities are clearly present on the disk as time-changes and fantastic fills appear seamless. Accompanied by Corey McCormick on bass this rhythm section is incredibly tight as found on the break in “Soldiers of God” where they give the band Extreme a run for their money mimicking “Color Me Blind” for its intense syncopated rhythm.

The album’s ballad “Letter For A Friend” is refreshing, as its placement mid-record gives relief from the disk’s otherwise thundering songs. The track shows versatility in song writing and is both passionate and powerful in its delivery.

Magnetico and their 12-track “Songs About The World” is truly about the music itself. No doubt created and intended for the true musician and thoughtful music fans to appreciate, it screams independence from the musical wolves howling out for their latest taste of manufactured monotony. There is no doubt that upon its first listen the creativity, expression and passion for music will draw you into the magnetic sound that is Magnetico.

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