Blue Man Group at Caesars Windsor Casino Review - Vegas in a Blue Collar City

(Windsor, Ontario, Canada) November 30, 2008 - With the recent creation of the Colosseum Theatre at Caesars Casino Windsor, the city has been revitalized with an onslaught of entertainers performing on its stage. From Billy Joel to Bill Cosby, residents have been rescued from crossing the international border to Detroit, Michigan to feed their theatrical and musical appetites. Not only providing world-class acts, gaming and nightlife, Caesars also gives back to its community. This year their donation of $34,000 divided equally between eight local food banks brought hope and the spirit of the season to those truly in need.

Ear-catching music was created by stretching and joining tubes together

Stepping inside the beautiful Colosseum Sunday night was like entering the mind of a child only restricted by his/her own imagination. The evening featured the intriguing Blue Man Group; an act which stretches the boundaries of theatre, art and music while incorporating the wonder of science. It was both intellectually intriguing for adults and visually mesmerizing for youngsters. The extravagant grease-painted trio best recognized for their splattering of paint, primal drumming rhythms, vaudeville-style stage antics and multimedia images amazed all in attendance. They are truly a one-of-a-kind entertainment phenomenon. Worldwide, the act has been viewed by an estimated 12 million people with current productions running in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin and Tokyo.

Hilarious ink blots

The performance is actually quite difficult to explain and in fact it is more of an ‘experience’ than a show. Miming their way through the entire evening the group portrayed a childlike innocence and often communicated to each other through inquisitive facial gestures. It was as if we were witness to a group of aliens’ first visit to planet Earth and their curiosity regarding all of its wonders. 

Cereal is not just for eating

Reminiscent of the Marx Brothers style of comedy, laughter often preceded the occasional gasp from audience members as they recruited individuals to participate in the show. From turning them into human targets on the wrong end of a visit from a paint-filled water balloon via gigantic slingshot to using them as paint brushes as they were hurled in bodysuits upside down onto large canvases, the group was riveting. The latter, an obvious stage trick pre-recorded and shown on a screen to convince onlookers that the spectator was in fact taken backstage to create the latest Blue Man masterpiece.

Never walk in late to a Blue Man Group show - this could be you

The emphasis on colour and a well lit and designed stage show complete with background musicians, brought the visual appeal to another level. Giant drumheads covered with multicoloured paint released from bodysuits ignited into fireworks as it was propelled into the air through a well choreographed percussion ensemble. Also, the group’s ability to pitch and catch gumball-sized paintballs to one another from incredible distances and later spit them out onto canvases to create art was enough to make the  Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey rethink their “Greatest Show on Earth”.

Pitching gum balls into eachother's mouths made way for some very interesting art

From creating music through PVC tubes to gorging themselves with Captain Crunch cereal, the trio will no doubt continue to amaze crowds both young and old for years to come. This brand of entertainment is unique to any other and should be a catalyst in inspiring others to further stretch the boundaries of theatre and entertainment. In fact, the highest of accolades should be granted to those who are most willing to step outside the proverbial box. It is truly an art in itself to be slightly off centre, to imagine the unimaginable and create that which is yet to be created.

An incredible finale

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