Bonvue Park- Musically Denver's Next Big Thing

Up and coming Denver band Bonvue Park is poised for big things.

photo: Cacey Stradley

Formed close to a year ago, Bonvue Park has since gone on to play such venues as Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.  The bands intricate blend of bluesy, piano-driven rock will surely take them to the next level in the Denver music scene.  Considering Denver is musically on the hot seat at the moment after the success of such groups as The Fray, Bonvue Park could easily progress rapidly into a household name.  Drawing influence from artists along the lines of Trey Anastasio, Bob Marley and Perpetual Groove the music that they produce provides an intricate sound that is not mirrored by any other Denver band at the moment. Bonvue Park is composed of Caleb Pederson (Guitar, Piano), Morgan Locke (Bass, Harmonica), Gattlin Griffith (Percussion), and Jaymie Jacoby (Vocals, Guitar, Piano).
The band members are some of the friendliest musicians I've met.  In the sea of egos that plagues the music industry these guys remain humble and grounded, letting their music be their voice.  I actually had a chance to get singer, Jaymie Jacoby, on the phone for a few questions:

CR:  Hey Jaymie, how's it going man.

JJ:  Real good bro, thanks.

photo: Cacey Stradley

CR:  So where did the name Bonvue Park come from?

JJ:  Alright, it's a park that we used to go just chill there and play soccer. 

CR:  Ok, going with a name that is special to all of you guys?

JJ:  Exactly, we would just go there and get away from school.

CR:  I hear you guys are in the process of coming out with a new EP.  Is that correct?

JJ:  We are, hopefully in the next month or so.  Actually, we just recorded five songs today at STM studios in Lakewood.  They've got fake trees in there and stuff. Its cool.

CR:  Sounds like a cool place.  What's the direction you guys are looking to take with this new CD?

JJ:  Its looking to be basically a compilation of songs that we have written in the past year.  It's a conglomeration of stuff that we have been working on until this point.  Rock slash jams that we have been writing.

CR:  Do you guys have a title figured out yet?

photo: Cacey Stradley

JJ:  Not yet, its probably going to be called seasons.  Just representing the different seasons of our lives.  Sometimes you just want to jam and get the happy feelings out and sometimes the feelings are sad.     

CR:  How do you guys like playing live shows?

JJ:  Yeah playing live is just the most fun.  You get to see how people react and you just get to feed off of the crowd.  It's the most fun thing ever.

CR:  I've seen you guys live a few times and I noticed that you and Caleb alternate playing piano and guitar.  What's the method to this madness?

JJ:  (laughs) Its actually because Caleb and I both play piano and guitar and write our own songs.  We love doing it that wat because it gives different feelings to the songs.  When I write piano songs they usually have a more mellow feeling, while Caleb tends to write a bit more upbeat. 

CR:  Do you guys have a favorite Denver venue to play at?

JJ:  Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, for sure, because they have a really cool environment.  They are chill on the rules.   I Just saw Perpetual Groove there and the vibe was amazing.

CR:  Do guys have a specific song writing process?

JJ:  It's basically just something that flows from something that I am feeling at the time.  I'll just go down to the piano or guitar and let it come out.

CR:  Thanks for taking a second to talk with me.

JJ:  Hey man no problem.

To find out more about Bonvue Park and a list of upcoming shows visit:

photo: Jaymie Jacoby

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