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Many of us immediately recognize the talented cast of [title of show] from other productions around the city—Neala Barron, Matt Freye, Yando Lopez, and Anna Schutz.  We know they are really good and this shines a spotlight on the script.  How will these actors bring the playwright’s words and songs to life?



They can only do so much, as it turns out.



The conceit of [title of show] is that it tells the story of how a musical is made as it is made.  The creators don’t have an artistic vision other than a desire for fame and getting out of a life of temping jobs.   Perhaps the best thing about this deconstructed reality script is that it feeds you a critique of its inherent limitations.  To paraphrase one line, “It’s like eating donuts for dinner.  It sounds good but thirty minutes into it you realize it wasn’t such a great idea…”



It didn’t take that long, actually. 



It’s difficult to know who is the audience for this show.  The Brown Paper Box Co. obviously thought that this “self-referential” script had something going for it.  It was nominated for a Best Book Tony Award in 2009, a somewhat mystifying factoid to this reviewer.  It may speak to the many creative types laboring in low-pay work in order to feed their muse.  Maybe..


Now through August 16.


For tickets visit the Brown Paper Box website.


Rivendell Theater

5779 N. Ridge Ave.

Chicago, IL




Photos:  CB Lindsey 


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