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Theatre Y’s “3 Sisters” Review – Chekhov Rewrite

By Amy Munice

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Chicagoans have been treated to some very good to great Chekhov Productions in recent years—with the Hypocrites,at the Piven,  and Steppenwolf, etc. 


These wonderful productions lend an allure to any play with the premise of continuing Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” where the original script leaves off. 



Alas, we were let down.  This is more a rewrite of Chekhov’s tight script into longer monologues than an extended plot with the twists and turns that make for theater.



As you filter into the theater you get to see the three sisters (Kevlyn Hayes, Melissa Lorraine and Katie Stimpson) frozen into a threesome melded statue.  It’s striking and pulls you in.  However, once the action begins they are mostly performing shorter or longer monologues.   



At times they cavort in the minimalist set as though it is a sandbox, in a way that suggests that they are having more fun doing this than the audience does watching. 



You really can’t tell if they are great or less-than-great actresses because the script is such a non-starter. 


Nice lighting! (Michael F. Rathbun)—a plus.


It’s difficult to conjure whom the audience for this play is.  Diehard Chekov fans probably will wonder why the master’s words have been so mangled and inflated with no calorie content.   Newcomers to Chekhov may not get the many references in the three actresses’ monologues that refer to the classic script. 



 Based on the lobby scene it seems like Theatre Y has quite a loyal following.  Beyond that core constituency it is difficult to recommend this to a larger audience.


Now through June 11.


Humility Gallery

564 West 18th Street



For tickets or information visit the Theatre Y website.


PhotosDevron Enarson

Published on Apr 29, 2016

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