The Trip to Bountiful Review – Sentimental Journey Home


Raven Theatre brings us this play by Horton Foote, “a Pulitzer Prize, Writers Guild of American Screen Award, and double Academy Award winning playwright and author, best known for his screenplays for To Kill a Mockingbird and Tender Mercies.   His work often told stories of ordinary people handling the harsh realities of life and the strength of the human spirit.”



The strong spirit we meet in “The Trip to Bountiful” is Mrs. Watts (played by Millie Hurley) who is trapped in a small Houston apartment with her self-involved daughter-in-law Jessie Mae Watts (played by Eleanor Katz) and her son Ludie Watts (played by Michael Boone). 



They all indeed feel trapped.  Jessie Mae would rather be in Hollywood living a life of glamor.  Mrs. Watts wants to return to her childhood home aptly named “Bountiful”.  Ludie wants to get ahead in the world and be a better provider. 



The house is full of bickering, at first somewhat comic but quickly revealing itself to be ill will fermenting. 



The story begins in an insomniac night.  Mrs. Watts’ pension check hasn’t arrived and her daughter-in-law is on to her probably scheming to leave them again, taking that much needed check with her. 



Over the course of the next day we do get to journey to Bountiful with Mrs. Watts, finding it much changed from what she had imagined.  The surprise is that nonetheless this trip is a panacea for what ails her.  Though her childhood home is in ruins and about to be washed away in the next storm, this is a story with a happy ending.   


Performances will be held through November 17, 2013


Raven Theatre

6157 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60660


Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30 PM


Sundays at 3 PM


Tickets/information at the Raven website or call 773 338 2177


Photos by Dean LaPrairie


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