The Hypocrites’ “Three Sisters” Review – Never Getting to Moscow


In 1900 Chekhov wrote this play about a family of three sisters who feel marooned in the rural town where they have lived for years, ever longing for a return to Moscow.  Their ne’er do well brother marries a woman whom the three sisters can’t abide.  Over time the sisters feel less and less comfortable in the home that their brother’s wife domineers to take over. 



Soldiers stationed in the town are frequent guests at their table.  The youngest sister fends off many suitors, the middle sister regrets her marriage, and the matriarchal older sister becomes the headmistress of a school despite her wishes.



This is a story about dreams postponed and lives corseted by circumstance. 



Classic Chekhov though it may be, in this production it feels more a dated story set in a remote culture out of reach to our time and place.  You will likely be more engaged by the second act where passions in the characters are laid more bare and when we do get to see better acting. 



That said, you too may find yourself wondering what makes this a Hypocrites production.   It doesn’t seem to have any of the Hypocrites’ trademarks-- choice of subject matter, use of improvisation, and top shelf acting – that perhaps raise expectations very high before you even walk in the door.   


Diehard Chekhov fans may love this or perhaps be doubly disappointed. 


Now through June 6.


The Den Mainstage

1329 North Milwaukee



Tickets are available through The Hypocrites website.




Photos:  Evan Hanover

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