Scottish Ballet’s “Streetcar Named Desire” – Tennessee Williams’ Words Come Alive in Dance

Like the moth to the flame, Blanche has been driven by her passions on a self-destructive path


For many of us both Tennessee Williams and Marlon Brando hover about the stage…


Dance allows the carnality of Stanley and Stella's relationship to be amplified on the stage


They are watching Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s brilliant choreography bring the story of Blanche, Stella and Stanley come alive in ways they anticipate.  One imagines that Marlon’s spirit watches and begins wondering why he never took up dance.  Tennessee, finding his roiling internal life (and perhaps that of his sister) laid bare by dance, nods in encouraging approval.



Yes, if you don’t already know the story inside and out you’ll be lost without the program notes to follow the long narrative. 







Or does that matter? 



Scottish Ballet’s “Streetcar Named Desire” makes the inner lives of the characters come alive – pain, shame, lust, loss, erotic attachment, madness and more—painting a layered landscape of emotion. 





There is not a millimeter of space on the stage that seems to be neglected.  Nor is there a millisecond in time that hasn’t been considered with great attention to detail.



The dancers are flawless—all. 



The set design (Niki Turner) is so powerful that to detail it would be a spoiler.


In a word—brilliant.


For tickets and information see the Harris Theater website or call 312 334 7777.




Photos:  Andrew Ross



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