North Coast Music Festival Review - Sweet Summer Goodbye

Aloe Blacc

Through two evacuations, inclement weather, jarring heat and schedule mix ups North Coast Music Festival did not let up, going on as planned even through all of the troubles. The festival started out the weekend on a good note on Friday afternoon but come Friday night the grounds had to be evacuated due to inclement weather. However, two hours later “Coasties”, a popular name for festival goers, were allowed back in and got to continue the night seeing popular headliners such as Passion Pit and Mac Miller. On Saturday the “Coasties” lucked out, as the weather was beautiful with few isolated thunderstorms. They got to enjoy extremely hot weather for most of the day, going into a beautiful night, closing with headliners Afrojack and Big Gigantic. Daniela Delgado, a University Student originally from Mexico attending the festival stated; “Big Gigantic and Afrojack exceeded my expectations. It was definitely one of the best festivals that I've been to; I also really liked the wide variety of type of music.”The festival ended on the same note as it started however as popular bands Lotus and Wu Tang Clan had their performances cut short as the weather rolled back in during the last performance of the festival on Sunday night and the grounds were once again evacuated, this time for good. It seems the weather was saying goodbye to the “Coasties” just as it welcomed them.

Passion Pit

The Festival was an exciting experience for many festival go-ers. Some who had never been before were excited to see so many famous artists for the low price of $150 for a 3 day pass. Cydney Stein, a Loyola University Chicago Senior who attended the festival stated that it was “one of the most electrifying experiences I have been witness to so far. The crowd and the atmosphere was all about everyone having a good time, and people did not want to ruin that by disrupting the peace.”  However, Alejandro Cabello a 20 year old Texan native attending the festival also had a few complaints. He explained how the festival attracted more high-schoolers than usual this year believing “they should definitely make the age limit 17 or 18+ as high school kids seemed way more obnoxious and not as observant of other people’s space.” Cabello also felt “there were a lack of water stations” making it harder to stay hydrated throughout the day. Even though there were these problems he did thoroughly enjoy the festival going into detail on each of the performances, saying that “North Coast was a great way to end the summer.” 


Security guard for the Festival, 19 year old Elmhurst native Connor Wilson explains how some of the “Coasties” posed problems to the security of those around them; many for consuming the illegal pure form of Ecstasy and popular drug, “Molly.” When asked about the negative feedback on security gained by the North Coast security guards and the difficulties about his job Connor said, “Theres a few things people do that make my job harder but the most difficult thing to have to deal with is the hardcore druggies and those that believe they are ‘above the law’ and try to deny giving up their drug or alcohol paraphernalia or attempt running. If people would simply be honest and just give up what they have, the system what be much kinder to them.” He personally had to take three people out of the concert for disrupting the peace and refusing to give up their paraphernalia. There were two cases resonating in the news related to North Coast, the story about the naked man running around and jumping through a windshield outside of the festival and the woman who had taken “Molly” and was rolling around in the mud by the stage. Connor explained how at each music festival he has worked at, including Lollapalooza this year, there are always people who react  that way and in their training they are taught to deal with them and take care of those situations. As a security guard he was also in charge of getting people out during the Evacuations. “To get people out we simply let them know that we're just doing our jobs and it's simply not safe to be in where there at due to the climate conditions; the weather just slows the show down and gets the crowd all worked up which is the only real problem that it presents. But every time, the band gets back up there, music hits the air and everyones happy again” said Wilson. Overall, even though there were problems he said most of the festival - goers were good sports and overall it was a success.



North Coast music festival was entertaining for all ages, with great performances, crazy weather and exciting events for all.  As stated by 20 year old Michigan native and Chicago University student Samantha Dane; “Every artist was unbelievable. The variety between sets and the organization of the festival in general was unreal. I especially enjoyed seeing Rebelution and then going straight to Madeon, who are two universally different artists. Rebelution being very much like Bob Marley and Madeon focusing more on house and techno music.” North Coast Music Festival was a success, and almost everyone you talk to in attendance will recommend going next year.

Wu-Tang Clan



All photos taken by: Nicole Ransom 

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