Michael Clark Company: “come, been and gone” Review – Dance with Standout Costumes and Lighting


By the looks of the crowds in the Museum of Contemporary Art, the exhibition “David Bowie Is” is probably one of, if not THE, most successful special exhibit in the MCA’s history. 



Michael Clark Company’s performance was presented in conjunction with the David Bowie exhibit.



It’s the third full of verve act of Michael Clark Company’s “come, been and gone” that uses the David Bowie music that is now the preoccupation of the Museum of Contemporary Art.   “Sweet Thing”, “Candidate”, “Future Legend”, “Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family” and “Sense of Doubt” were some of the Bowie music used in the performance, as well as music from The Velvet Underground among others.



The word that comes to mind to describe Clark’s choreography is vectors.  Much is made of elbows and knees and bodies put into angles.



Meanwhile original film footage of David Bowie compiled by filmmaker Charles Atlas is projected on the stage.



By far though, the standout part of this performance was the costumes  (Stevie Stewart) and lighting.  One costume set that put the dancers in asymmetric joker type garb was especially effective in bringing out the much angled choreography.  In the finale the shimmering golden bronze costumes were given great oomph by the lighting design, also by Charles Atlas.



From a towering man on point to layered evocations of the club scene, this was ballet in a core layered over with rock and finery to evoke the club scene of decades prior.



If you were a David Bowie fan this was one of those “died and went to heaven” moments.



MCA Stage performances continue this season through May 22. For schedules and information visit the Stage pages on the MCA website.  For tickets you can also call 312 397 4010.


Museum of Contemporary Art

220 East Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611




Photos:  Nathan Keay unless otherwise indicated 


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