Giordano Dance Chicago at Auditorium Theatre Review – Historic First Full-Length Program on Landmark Stage


The five exciting performances by Giordano Dance Chicago in their historic first-time ever full-length program on the Auditorium Theatre stage taken as a whole seemed to be a five-part discourse saying “..and jazz dancing means THIS too!”. 



All pieces had in common bold strong movements where you felt the laser sharp intention of each dancer in all their moves



– from the bobbling heads in the strong full ensemble opener of “EXit 4” (Choreography: Roni Koresh) to the sizzling sexy hip rolls of the “Feelin’ Good Sweet” finale (choreography Ray Leeper).  



This performance also included a world premiere of “Shirt Off My Back”, choreographed by Ray Mercer, who is currently a cast member of Disney’s hit Broadway musical “The Lion King”. 

In contrast to the full ensemble of the opening piece, this was a series of vignettes of different number dancers fluidly changing the shapes on the stage as if we were turning a kaleidoscope.  Shirts would move from one to two to three and back to one, suggesting a story of how we give and give in our relationships. 



With a troupe where the intentions of movement seem to be the fascinating calling card,



it was especially captivating in this piece when one female dancer begins clapping and clapping in the direction of her male partner who in turn does rapid fire pirouettes as though controlled by her will. 



“Moving Sidewalks” (choreographer Autumn Eckman), an homage to the grit of 1880’s Pilsen residents who lived through floods is a staple of Giordano’s repertoire



and was given new energy in this performance by the period costume design by Emily Nelson.



“Alloy” (choreography Autumn Eckman) was a duet set to Beethoven and Mendelssohn music, in sharp contrast to all other pieces in the program with modern scores, and danced with exquisite beauty by Devin Buchanan and Maeghan McHale. 


That these two dancers were in every piece of the evening helped shine a spotlight on how effortless these powerful dancers – the entire troupe—make it all seem.  We have many world-class dance performances gracing Chicago stages.  Perhaps there are some equals, but it’s difficult to think of any other group that surpasses the Giordano Dance Chicago troupe’s ability to convey strength, grace and full intention with every move.


For more information on Giordano Dance Chicago visit the company’s website.


Auditorium Theatre dance performances continue until late June.  For details and tickets visit the Auditorium Theatre website or call their box office at 800 982 ARTS (2787).




Photos courtesy of Giordano Dance Chicago.





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