“Another Kind of Love” Review- Kurt Cobain Remix

(L to R) Alison Hixon and Annie Prichard


It takes but a few minutes for the cast of Infusion Theatre Co.’s “Another Kind of Love” to immerse you in a punk rock universe.  In part, the script by Crystal Skillman charts the way for you to know the emotional territory --highs and lows-- of a punk rock mindset.  



More than the script, it’s top-notch acting at work—Annie Prichard as Kit; Brady Johnson as Roger; Tyler Young as Nate, Alison Hixon as Max; Courtney Jones as Tanya; and Amber Kelly as Collin. Infusion’s cast is so realistic and persuasive (Director:  Mitch Golob) that some of us begin to fidget and look about for the exit door because narcissists with microphones isn’t our cup of tea.  That said, if the narrative of Kurt Cobain’s life and demise and/or the punk rock sound captures your imagination you’d be well served to clear your calendar to catch this show before the run ends on June 14. 



It’s a very female variant on the Cobain themes of drugs, sex and punk rock.  Three sisters and one daughter are living out an anniversary of their famed punk rock star mother’s suicide years before.  The three sisters were children then and it seems that little maturing has happened in the years that followed.  The emotional depth of the adult characters, barely a millimeter, doesn’t vary a tad from that of the15 year –old, whose shallowness seems more in keeping with her years. 



Not billed as a musical but rather as a “punk rock play”, there are songs (Heidi Rodewald, Composer; Lyrics by Crystal Skillman and Caroline Dorsen) that are musical enough to let you get a fleeting suggestion of Courtney Jones’ golden chords. 



Fans of punk rock might find more to the music here than those of us who walked in stereotyping the genre as meh-music.  A note of thanks to the Musical Director Jefferey Allen Thomas of deliriously creative Mucca Pazza fame and Eric Backus (Sound Design) for keeping the amps tamed such that we could happily sit in the front row without suffering ear damage. 



You’ll get a warning at the ticket booth that the play has adult themes of sex.  Don’t get your hopes up- there’s not much here you’d call adult.


Now through June 14 at the Chopin Theatre, 1543 West Division, Chicago.


For information or tickets visit the Infusion Theatre Co. website.







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