Summerfest - 50 Years and Counting

Summerfest just wrapped up year 50 of what is considered the world's largest music festival. From the consistent stellar lineups each year you can guarantee that there will be at least another 50 years to come for Summerfest. While Summerfest is eleven days of every type of music you can imagine, it only takes one day to understand why this is a must attend event and unlike anything else in the United States.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

If you are looking for the ultimate music junkie vacation or you just want to relax and enjoy the breeze off the lakefront of Lake Michigan, Summerfest is one experience that must go to the head of your bucket list. A great way to describe Summerfest is getting to change your radio dial to live music. You simply start at one end of the Summerfest grounds and make your way to the other end and you are bound to find some bands that you love and bands you might not know but are glad you found them. With a whopping 11 stages of talented artists performing everyone is bound to find an artist to enjoy.

Just imagine getting to choose from bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Luke Bryan, Pink, The Chainsmokers and two nights with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers over these 11 days and that is just the mainstage. You were able to see side stage acts such as Moody Blues, Steve Aoki, and Third Eye Blind. While the mainstage is always home to some of the biggest acts in the world, the side stages can be just as entertaining and if you looking for one of the best views of live music anywhere, the BMO Harris Pavilion with Lake Michigan as its backdrop, can't be beat.

Of course the music takes center stage when it comes to Summerfest, but this eleven day event is so much more than amazing music.

Summerfest Sky View (Courtesy Summerfest)

While Wisconsin is known for cheese, beer and just a wide-range of decadent foods, Summerfest also has a number of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options to accommodate every diet. But this is Summerfest, so unless you absolutely have some specific diet restriction, just enjoy the assortment of foods and experience as much as you can.

Almost side-by-side with Summerfest has been Miller Beer and Saz's. While Miller and Saz's have a history that is tied with Summerfest they also have their own history. While Miller is known across the world, Saz's might be a little more difficult to recognize outside of Milwaukee.

Saz's Ribs

When you look for that one local iconic restaurant that every local person raves about, well in Milwaukee that would be Saz's. Kansas City, Texas and literally the entire South can make a claim as to cooking the best barbeque in the United States. You aren't going to find Milwaukee in most of those best barbeque conversations, that is until you try Saz's. After 40 plus years, Saz's has created barbeque perfection. You could begin and end with the award-winning baby back ribs, but you also must experience the smoked brisket and pulled pork. There are really three layers to telling if ribs are good or not almost instantly, first the smell, second the tenderness and ease of it fall off the bone and then that first bite with the flavor and tenderness. Saz's pulls you in with all three as they simply create ribs that you just can't put down and each bite seems to wow your taste buds a little more than the last.

Saz's Sampler Plate

When it comes to eating at Summerfest there is plenty of great food, but Saz's is the only place that will spoil you with a sit down dining experience with their Dockside Barbecue location. The Dockside Barbeque is home to all of the barbequing goodness that Saz's is known for and in addition you will have a great view of Lake Michigan and you can hear plenty of live music nearby while giving your feet a much needed rest. You simply have to walk to the Dockside Barbeque and have the host seat you like any other restaurant and then you can begin your Saz's Summerfest experience. Ribs and brisket are a must but don't miss out on a few other of Saz's signature dishes including; Saz's famous sour cream & chive fries with house ranch dressing, mozzarella marinara and Leinenkugel's beer-battered white cheddar cheese curds, these are a must anytime you are in Wisconsin. Finally if somehow you have any room left, the deep-fried bread pudding bites ice cream sundae takes decadence to a whole new level with richness in every bite.

Deep-fried bread pudding bites ice cream sundae

If for some reason you don't make it to Milwaukee for Summerfest, you can find Saz's at a number of other festivals throughout the year in Milwaukee and of course you can visit Saz's State House.

Another well know Wisconsin company Kohl’s, put together some great family activities throughout the Summerfest grounds. The Wild Theater has conservation themed performances teaming up with the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. Kids can also be creative with the Kohl’s Color Wheels and Kohl’s Design It! Mobile Lab. There is also a basketball court used by local sports teams to get fans involved in a number of activates. You also can see an amazing fireworks performance, try to hit a hole-in-one in the middle of the lake, check out some comedians and finally the one thing you must experience, the Sky Glide. The Sky Glide takes you from one end of the grounds to the other, so you don't have to walk, which you will appreciate, and you get the best view of Summerfest. The Sky Glide takes you over everything, you get to see nearly every stage, and you literally get to see everyone and everything.

Summerfest is 11x11 goodness that can't be replicated anywhere else. 11 days and you can get your fill of 11 hours of music per day as the music begins at noon each day and you can usually find some amazing band coming out for an encore around 11 p.m. While the music is takes center stage, at every stage, you are also going to experience great food, family fun, the lakefront, a perfect summer vacation and of course that world-famous Wisconsin hospitality and friendliness. You are going to pack all of that in to hopefully for your sake, more than one day. Once it is all over you can begin planning for your next Summerfest vacation while you patiently wait for the list of acts to be released and you can begin counting down the days until you are in music heaven once again.


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