Sail Rock Review - Flashback to the 70's and 80's

The gorgeous Riveredge Theatre located in Aurora, IL hosted the Sail Rock Tour held on August 10, 2013. It was a beautiful and breezy night to sit back, relax, and take in some old tunes from the 70’s and 80’s. Walking in, thousands of fans had their lawn chairs out and ready to relive a time where music had a very different meaning than today.

Rockin Out

Although I was not brought up during this era, I cannot help but remember dancing around to records of some of these amazing artists. To this day, my family and I still break out the record player to listen to some of the greatest hits of all time. Some fans even held up their old vinyl records during their favorite performers.

Seven amazing artists took to the stage that evening. Orleans was the host for the evening and joined many 70’s and 80’s icons as they individually went on stage. This band is best known for singing their hit “Dance With Me” and “Still the One.”

John Ford Coley kicked off the night on the keyboard with his song “Never Have to Say Goodbye Again”. That song started the night off on the right foot and it was nothing but one hit after another. John was a character on stage and threw some playful digs towards disco music being made popular in the 70’s. For his final song, he played “Let the World Shine on Me” which was made popular during 1979 and as he said, “was in the top ten and NOT disco.

Robbie Dupree had couples dancing close with each other with his song “I Caught You Glancin My Way”. The couple in front of me danced so close they acted as though they were the only two in a crowd of thousands

Next, the band, Player, featuring Peter Beckett and Ron Moss performed on stage next. Ron appeared with his cut off shirt and bulging muscles which made the women scream with delight.  The Bold and the Beautiful star reunited with his long time band mate Peter Beckett to bring the 70’s and 80’s back to Chicagoland.

Peter Beckett

Peter Beckett is most known for his song “Baby Come Back.” Peter also celebrated his birthday that night. As he blew out the candles to his cake, the entire crowd chimed in with singing “Happy Birthday” to him!

Happy Birthday Peter

Gary White was next to take the stage singing “My Heart is on Fire”. Following Gary, the band Firewall came out singing “Just Remember I Love You.”

Orleans band members remained on the stage to begin their set. Although not all of the members of Orleans were fortunate enough to take part in this event, they dedicated the night to the late Larry Hoppen.

Grammy award winner Christopher Cross joined Orleans on stage as the last performer of the evening. His song “Sailing” earned him three Grammy Awards in 1981. He also sang the ever so popular “Arthur’s Theme”, which landed him an Oscar for Best Original Song in 1981. He released a song this year called "A Night in Paris” which was also performed.

Christopher Cross

To end this extraordinary night of popular songs, all the performers reunited on stage for one final song. “Take it Easy” was the last song of the night and everyone got on their feet to dance.

Take It Easy

The crowd roared with enthusiasm as their favorite singers and bands exited the stage. The fans were very pleased with the 2 hour long concert and each artist came out for pictures and autographs after the show.

These performances were truly a “Blast From the Past” with songs that will live on forever!  This one night show was only $30 for general admission. For more information on upcoming shows, please go to or call the box office at (630) 896-6666.

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