"Round Trip Heart" Preview- Closing Night Film of The Asian Pop-Up Cinema


                                                  "ROUND TRIP HEART"




Sunday, December 4:  4:00 PM @ The Wilmette Theatre, 1122 Central Street, Wilmette


Followed by A Closing Night Reception  


Directed by: Yuki Tanada, who will be in attendance for an introduction and Q & A after the film 

Poster From "Round Trip Heart"



Asian Pop-Up Cinema Season III will close with "Round Trip Heart",  by Japanese director Yuki Tanada, a romantic comedy about a food and drinks cart pusher (starring Oshima Yuko) working on the Odakyu Romance car and a shoplifter (starring Okura Koji) who turns out to be a failed movie producer. 

Director Tanada, who last filmed her own screenplay for the charming 2008 road movie "One Million Yen Girl" tests audience sympathy with a sudden shift of focus between our heroine, the cart pusher and the loser movie producer.  We are very honored to host a female director - a first for Asian Pop-Up Cinema  - who will join us for the film presentation, post-screening discussion, and closing night festivities.

Mark Schilling, special to the New York Times, reviewing in the Japan Times commented, “The film is realistic and stays dry-eyed about its two principals-including their chances for romance”. About the leading lady he wrote, “Yuko Oshima reveals a talent for comedy and drama”. Finally, he noted, "Tanada’s film entertainingly reflects a fundamental truth”.


Please join us to celebrate the end of another successful season!

Oshima Yuko in "Round Trip Heart"




Director Yuki Tanada studied theater in high school and filmmaking at the Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image in Tokyo.  She thought of giving up her dream to become a director, but was inspired by Jaco Van Dormael's 1991 drama "Toto the Hero" to continue her work in film. In 2000 she scripted, directed and starred in her first film, "Moru".  In 2008, she released the road movie "One Million Yen Girl" which earned critical acclaim.  After a four-year break from film director to write fiction and direct for television, she returned to the big screen with the coming-of-age drama "The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky",  followed by "Mourning Recipe" in 2013.  


Selected Filmography:

2013 Mourning Recipe

2010 The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky

2009 Ain't No Tomorrows

2008 One Million Yen Girl

2007 Sakuran (Screenplay)

2004 Moon & Cherry

2004 Takada Wataru – A Japanese Original

2001 Moru

The Cast of "Round Trip Heart"



Round Trip Heart at The Wilmette Theater, 1122 Central Street, Wilmette, December 4, 2016, at 4:00


Japan | 2015 | 97 min | DCP | Japanese w/subtitles

 Starring:  Oshima Yuko and Okura Koji

From "Round Trip Heart", directed by Yuki Tanada

Poster and photos courtesy of Asian Pop-Up Cinema 


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