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Live New’d Girls Burlesque Review - A Terrific City Winery Show

By Charlotte Drover

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Full roster of gorgeous performers.


Wine and bodies flowed deliciously this past Saturday on the City Winery main stage. Michelle L’Amour – the namesake of the studio - and her burlesque troupe of both students and teachers teased in a dynamic range of performances from kittenish and coy, to demure, to downright dominatrix.

The host of the evening, Sammy Tramp, set the night off right belting Tony Bennet’s the “Lady is a Tramp” while comically bickering with Ms. L’Amour in a sea of her dancing apprentices. Sammy Tramp, the physical theatre and vaudeville performer, maintained an infectious and bright energy that carried each act into the next. Her quick witted and garish stage presence eased many of the newcomers to burlesque, and certainly kept the drinks pouring.


Live NEW'D Girls, Chicago


Live NEW'D Girls, Chicago


The 6-year-old burlesque studio features internationally renowned performers riding out the Neo-Burlesque wave, which made its triumphant return in the early 2000’s. Contrary to the general notion that burlesque is simply taking your clothes off, each dance can contain dramatic arcs, full narratives, comedic slap-stick, or topical political commentary, as well as the classic striptease. Many women and men gravitate toward the art form for its overall objective: harnessing your sexual power and body, in whatever flavor that comes in. L’Amour’s troupe offered a fine range for every palate.


Each Starlet grinded and whined with dexterity and cheek, but Josie Daye, Lily Bloom, and the Annie Lennox group .number were the knockouts of the evening. Josie Daye’s simple and aggressive solo was the perfect way to begin the acts. Locking and rolling around a Wanted poster of herself, Ms. Daye’s straightforward strip tease oozed an obvious prowess that triggered the interest and libidos of the house. The L’Amour Company also succeeded in an element I find crucial in presenting burlesque: a full range of body types and sizes. One performer, Ivy Fabulous, began her number as a 1950’s housewife preparing something sweet and confectionary in the oven, gleefully bopping and shimmying across the stage. I thought she was wearing a false belly, and that her final reveal would give us the secret flat stomach – but Ms. Fabulous stripped down, in full glory, to her very full pregnancy. Her bravery made the ‘duet’ beautiful, and I found that sense of ownership in each piece.



The studio offers rudimentary to advanced burlesque classes.


Real Talk:City Winery is quickly becoming one of my favourite venues in the Chicago, featuring a wide variety of art forms; and if you are the furthest from a sommelier, you are in good hands with their servers. City winery website. Keep on the lookout for Ms.L’Amour & Company at the Everleigh Social Club, Friday’s at 10pm for Wiggle Room, a BYOB burlesque and stand-up evening. Studio Armour website Bring buddy, someone with potential, or a lover – I’m glad I did.  

Live NEW'D Girls, Chicago

City Winery Chicago

 1200 W Randolph St,

Chicago, IL, 60607


Published on Oct 21, 2014

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