Godspell Review- Definitely not a production to miss this fall

The outstanding production of Godspell is playing at Theatre at the Center (TATC) located in Munster,IN. It is definitely a production you do not want to miss this fall.


Director and choreographer, Stacey Flaster, truly shows her connection to this amazing musical. Godspell retells the biblical stories with a current spin on things. There is reference to “no texting” in order to communicate better with one of the followers because that is how so many people communicate during these times.


The setting on stage is that of a beach with sand everywhere and pails and beach towels were used as props.  As you walk into the theatre and arrive at your seat, you will find yourself looking at that unique, vibrant setting. There are street signs painted on the walls that read faith, love and believe. The very young and talented actors casted to perform in Godspell did a spectacular job.

The Cast

The beginning opens up with Jesus, being played by the star of the show Liam Quealy, baptizing all of his followers. Liam’s beautiful voice and endearing personality captivates the room as he teaches each of his followers the right way of life. I could not imagine seeing this musical without Liam Quealy in the lead role.


Jim DeSelm plays the role of Judas perfectly. Although he pretends to be a friend to Jesus, Jesus realizes that one of his followers will ultimately betray him. His strong performance was taken to a new level and captivated the audience with his with the ability to connect with his character.


Throughout the show, the different characters showcased many other talents by playing different instruments, such as the electric guitar. It is rare to see the music being performed on stage and there was a band located towards the back of the set.


Landree Fleming is no stranger to the TATC stage. She also performed in this year’s rendition of The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee. plays one of the followers of Jesus. She took on the role of a corky and energetic character that enjoyed roller-skating around the stage. However, she adds a great deal of depth and truly enhances the message that is being conveyed to the audience.


Alexis J. Rogers takes the TATC stage by storm. Her incredible, soulful voice will completely blow you away. Merrick Robinson filled the room with laughter with his comedic performance.


Throughout the performance, you could tell the bond the actors formed with one another as they interpreted the messages from Jesus.  This corky and energetic performance delivers a very important message in a fun way.


You cannot pass up the opportunity to seethis beautiful show. Godspell is a production for people of all ages and is running now until October 20th. Tickets for Godspell range in price from $38 to $42. You can purchase tickets by calling (219) 836-3255 or you can also visit TATC.

Photos: Courtesy of Godspell

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