Cirque Du Soliel Presents Ovo Review- Buzzworthy!

If you’ve had the opportunity to experience the sheer magic of Cirque du Soleil already, you know the magnitude of its brilliance. The costumes, the music and of course the acts! But if you have not, Cirque du Soleil presents “Ovo” is the perfect place to start!

Cirque du Soleil, in English, ‘Circus of the Sun’ is a Canadian entertainment company self described as ‘a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment’ based in Montreal, Quebec Canada and located in the inner city of Saint Michael. It was founded in Baie Saint Paul by two street performers, Guy Lailberte and Daniel Aavtnier.”

Ovo is described as “an immersion into the teeming and energetic world of insects.”

Cirque Du Soliel Presents Ovo

Now, if you’re as weary of insects as I am, you’re in for quite a surprise. These insects are nothing to be afraid of and you’ll be so mesmerized by their daring feats that you’ll forget you’re even watching dozens of “bugs.”

Cirque Du Soliel Presents Ovo

Directed and created by Chantale Tremblay, this fast paced performance consists of nine acts:
The first act is "Acrosport", this consists of three acrobats performing incredible displays of flexibility. Second is “Ants” where performers balance large discs while supporting the weight of other acrobats. “Creatura” the third act includes a gigantic multi-legged caterpillar type creature. "Diabalos", Act four, combines Diabolo spinning spools and juggling. In the “Flying Act” trapeze artists fly across the stage emulating the insects they’re portraying. The sixth act is an incredible and seemingly impossible one-handed balancing act. “Butterflies” act seven is a Spanish Web duo that features two butterfly lovers performing a poised and graceful aerial flying act. “Slackwire,” act eight boats an incredible tight rope performance with feats such as riding a unicycle across the rope and finally my favorite act “Wall” consists of twenty acrobats running, jumping and flying high on trampolines on a climbing wall to finally land on a vertical climbing wall.

Cirque Du Soliel Presents Ovo

Like all Cirque du Soleil performances, stunning and intricate costumes bring the characters to life. Costume designer Liz Vandal uses both organic and synthetic materials to capture the individual elements of each insect.  Also essential to the beautiful, eclectic aesthetic of Ovo is the music. Set to a soundtrack of a Brazillian fusion style, the performance is made up of a series of sixteen songs with tracts including “Foreigner,” “Ants,” and “Cocoon.

"Ovo" is a truly one of a kind phenomenon. You’ll hardly believe your eyes! With one mind blowing act after another you won’t want to miss what’s sure to be this summers most talked about show. "Ovo" runs from June 29 to August 21. Ticket prices and information can be found at 

Cirque Du Soliel Presents Ovo

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