Chicago Artists Coalition's Collectors Circle Artist Talk with Jordan Martins Review - Unique Art in Unique Spaces


Last Thursday, I had the unique opportunity to attend the Chicago Artists Coalition's Collectors Circle event, featuring the Chicago-based visual artist, Jordan Martin. Martin, who focuses on collage techniques, presented his art in a very interesting way and gave an impassioned talk about his style of art and what makes it so special. The event took place at the Chicago Room and Board showroom, a charming and classy furniture store. The mix of people, art, and venue made for a unique night that was fun for all.


Jordan Martin is a talented visual artist who uses “collision of visual languages” to create his pieces. During his talk, Martin went in-depth about how he got started on this path of art, and how he is evolving in his techniques. Martin, who received his MFA in visual arts from the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil in 2007 said that many of his pieces have been influenced by the Mexican and Brazilian cultures, and that even the streets in Salvador displayed a type of collage look and feel.



As Martin eloquently explained,“Collage has become less unique or singular but has become a visual project, one that has become more complex.” While grafting and rupturing were how Martin started his artist career, he has also begun to scan collages, paint or extort those pieces, and then scan them again to turn into portrait. This is what makes Martin’s work so captivating and unique. At the end of the program, Martin graciously thanked the Chicago Artists Coalition's Collectors Circle for giving him the chance to display both is old and new works at the show.


Martin was a part of the Chicago Artists Coalition long before this event took place. The Chicago Artists Coalition is a 40-year old non-profit organization whose mission is to build a sustainable marketplace for entrepreneurial artists and creatives. This is done through the numerous programs offered by the Chicago Artists Coalition, which include BOLT Residency and HATCH Projects, Starving Artist program and the Chartwell Collectors Circle. The Collectors Circle, a special membership and event series dedicated to cultivating emerging and established art collectors in Chicago, was the host of Jordan Martin’s event. A unique feature about this group is that most of their events are not held in typical art galleries but rather at the artist’s studio, a collector’s home, or, in this case, a furniture store. This is done to allow its members to get a better feel for the artist and their work as well as how the art would look in a residential setting. Chartwell Collectors Circle offers its members many opportunities to enjoy talkbacks, collections, and studio tours throughout the Chicago area. After attending this event, I would highly recommend any Chicago art lover to join the Collectors Circle and look into the other unique programs that Chicago Artist Coalitions has to offer.

For more information go to the Chicago Artist Coalitions website.

Event Photo Credit: Allison Taylor
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