Siobhan Apparel Launch Party Preview

Of course by invite only, rub elbows with Chicago’s fashion and business crowd on September 19 as they gather at the swanky, European-style Victor Hotel, 311 N. Sangamon, to celebrate the launch of  Siobhan Apparel’s premier collection.

Lounge area of the Victor Hotel

     As the fashion brain child of Siobhan Apparel, local designer Shavonne Dorsey caters to the career-orientated woman between the ages of 27 and 38. According to Dorsey, Siobhan Apparel not only taps into the confidence that graces upon a woman who knows who she is, but also playfully flirts with a sassy attitude that accompanies that confidence.

Victor Hotel Bar

     “I want women to know that they can still carry a sense of sophisticated sex appeal,” says Dorsey.

Model dressed in a business suit

     However, in reaching such an idea medium between sexy sophisticate and 50 Cents’ new, video girl, Dorsey realizes that in the fashion world if creativity is currency, then originality is the bank to which it is cashed. Never a fan of brand names or what she saw in the stores, Dorsey feels that there will always be room for creativity on the fashion scene. The designer recalls going to a Beyonce concert to only witness what can be simply put as a classic fashion tragedy – three women wearing the same outfit. From there, Dorsey went straight to her sketch books to develop what is now known as Siobhan Apparel.

Model dressed in a cream suit.

     In addition to the desire for the harmonious connection between creativity and originality, music, emotions and nature also generate the trendsetter’s energy. Dorsey’s music choice parallels her taste in fashion, diverse. Anywhere from Aerosmith to neo-soul artist Angie Stone can be found on her Ipod. Chicago’s seasonal climate acts as another motivator that contributes to her collection.

Model ready for cocktail hour dressed in a classic pants and dress tank

     “In Chicago, we have the privilege to see four seasons, which brings upon a desire to wear something new for each season,” says Dorsey.

     While most designers outsource a lot of their business, Dorsey stays true to her native home by conducting all of her business in Chicago. From her contractor at New Way Fashion, 22nd and Halsted, to her pattern maker, Hay Lai, everything that gives Siobhan Apparel that signature look is done in Chicago. Alpha, Dorsey’s clothing tailor, is located in the city as well. With such a love for the city and detailed taste, no wonder Dorsey turned to the Victor Hotel to house her brand launch party.

Model dressed in a multi-colored dress

     “I like to have a relationship with my contractor. You know, I like to see how stuff is done and it’s a good way to expedite the process,” says Dorsey.

     Victor Hotel’s event manager, Antony Green, laid out the red carpet for Siobhan Apparel’s introduction to Chicago’s elite. As one of two fashion events at the place, the staff welcomes and is excited for the upcoming date.

     “Shavonne’s event is a private one. We closed down the whole place entirely for her. There will be a lot of media coverage and a lot of who’s who here. It will be a spectacular event,” says Green.

Inside the Victor Hotel

     Located in Chicago’s warehouse district, the Victor Hotel whisks patrons away to the lobby of an upscale European hotel. Scene seekers can expect to lounge on comfy, contemporary furniture while enjoying black and white paintings that hang on the walls; all which makes for the idea environment for a fashion launch party. With an impressive guest list that includes all of the city’s aldermen, boutique owners, several entrepreneurs, city officials, and city treasurer Steffani Neely, Dorsey has went through all the stops to ensure that guest will leave the party thinking “I’ve got to get that.” Guests can also expect to enjoy passed hor’deurves, bottle service, give-a-ways, VIP, and special entertainment. Dorsey’s main goal behind the party is introduce Siobhan Apparel to the right crowd that can develop Siobhan Apparel into a competitive brand.

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