606 Bloomingdale Trail Opens Report- A Miracle for Many Longtime Residents



When the Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail started holding meetings about turning the vestigial train lines along Bloomingdale Avenue (1800N) into a linear park it seemed bold and visionary--- and most of all, something that will be very nice for future generations. 



How surprising that in a short decade’s time this idealistic vision became a reality—the 606-- which officially opened on June 6, 2015.



What an opening it was! 




By mid-morning the crowds—adult, children, dogs, bikers, walkers—were thick. 




Everyone was smiling as we walked the course from Ashland Avenue (1600 West) to its western ending at Ridgeway (3750 West). 



The street signs were familiar but they felt entirely new from this aerial perspective. 



People from below or on terraces having brunch waved.  Dogs sniffed new friends. 



Toddlers would fall on the softer pedestrian walkways on the edge of the trail and not suffer a bruise. 



Totally gone are the shards of glass, rusty nails, and aging railroad remnants that some explorers remember on the trail not so very long ago.




Junk bond status and/or bankruptcy may be around the corner—but that’s not what you feel from up on high. 



The 606 feels like Chicago has a new day.




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