Windy City Playhouse’s “Chapter Two” Review – Classic Neil Simon

Chapter Two is reported to be Neil Simon's semi-autobiographical account of his second marriage


Witty repartee gives the Tony Award nominated “Chapter Two” script away as a Neil Simon classic. 


Peter DeFaria, playing Leo Schneider, seems to get the best lines.


Peter DeFaria


For example, trying to explain the depth of his brother’s loss to his prospective sister-in-law (Jennie Malone, played by Amy Rubenstein) he quips--to paraphrase-- “They were really in love …always holding hands.  My wife and I have been married twelve years and we don’t even pass the salt to each other…”


(left to right) Peter DeFaria and Brian McCaskill


Later he says to his old friend Faye Medwick, played by Amy J. Carle, whom he is trying to seduce –again paraphrasing—“I want a woman who looks like you and feels like you but thinks like me..”


If you love dialaogue liberally peppered with those sorts of Simonesque bon mots, put “Chapter Two” on your short list of must-sees. 


(left to right) Amy Rubenstein and Amy J. Carle


In this romantic comedy though, said to be inspired by Simon’s marriage to his second wife, there is much heavier content to chew on.  


(left to right) Brian McCaskill and Amy Rubenstein


“Chapter Two” is a story about devastating loss and how the drive for connection and love eventually triumphs. 


(left to right) Brian McCaskill and Amy Rubenstein


Multiple Jeff Award winner and many time nominee Brian McCaskill does an especially masterful job of portraying widowed George Schneider, from his highest of highs and lowest of lows.  


(left to right) Brian McCaskill and Peter DeFaria


We like George from the moment we meet him.  We stick with him to journey into his personal hell and feel elation when we come out with him on the other side.


Now through December 20.


Windy City Playhouse


3014 W. Irving Park Road




For tickets or information visit the Windy City Playhouse website or call (773) 891-8985.  




Photos:  Michael Brosilow

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