Uptown Underground Review - A Cabaret of Fun

The Uptown Underground, 4707 N. Broadway, Chicago, is a beautifully decorated speakeasy cabaret with top-notch entertainment, super drinks, and shows patrons a whale of a good time for a reasonable cover charge. The Halloween show was spectacular, and the upcoming Holiday Season promises to give revelers plenty of opportunity for a great night out! The place bills itself as a “Retrotainment venue and bar”. If Retro means professional acts in splendid costumes, music, singing and dancing and sexy performers, then that’s good news for all.

Dancing patrons by JEB photography


There were three wonderful performances on All Hallows Eve, for a show entitled “Ghosts of Halloween Past”, but special mention here must be made of the first act, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, launched 40 years ago and performed by Chicago Cabaret Project. At least as good as the original, the play had the packed audience, many of them dressed in fun Halloween gear, on their feet often, clapping, cheering and shaking their stuff. Even the plainly dressed piano player tapped his feet throughout while his hands flew over the keys. But nobody at the charming little rococo tables could touch the players for sheer exuberance and joie de vivre, not to mention ultra-special costumes. There was the leonine full-bodied male star, his head, face and eyebrows be-furred with a thick curly red wig, dressed in very tight dark leather with what looked like Henry the Eighth’s codpiece. The three women stars were each differently bewitching: one strawberry blonde Valkyrie dripping paste diamonds with huge eyes and a broad smile belting out her numbers a la Ethel Merman: one dark Oriental lady in deep décolleté coyly strutting the stage: one very tall thin blonde in fishnet tights and high heels with a husky voice and knowing glances who descended into the audience and clapped hands with this reviewer from atop a chair. And the hilarious androgynous star, half his head shaved, the other half punk-spiked up, his left eye covered with a red star, winking broadly , gesturing freely and whose long legs in purple hose were lovelier than most showgirls. All together, a very, very impressive and really fun show!

Annie Anomaly by Fitch Images


Also performing that night were The Kiss-Kiss Cabaret, in a show called “Peek-A-Boo”, an extremely lively burlesque act with solo performers, including a juggler, a disco ghost and a zombie dancing dirty, along with group numbers. Finally, Perversk Burlesque presented a tribute to the strange and bizarre, including homage to Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, Freddy Krueger and a whole lot more. For a cover of $25, this venue provided an all-night blast!

The Girls courtesy of Uptown Underground


From now and throughout the Holiday Season, Uptown Underground will be decked-out for its guests with wonderful shows providing the opportunity for a lot of fun. Beginning this past Saturday night, November 13, and continuing through December 19, on Saturday nights the Kiss-Kiss Cabaret will present their annual show , “Holiday Spectacular and Sparkle Fest”, starring the Kiss Kiss Coquettes in solo and variety acts. The Chicago Cabaret Project will also present three rotating holiday shows, and Perversk Burlesque will, of course, continue “in their brand of performance art perversions…inspired by the darker aspects of the holidays”.

Juggling by Greg Inda photography



Of course, the Underground will also continue its special during the week programs, Cabaret Tuesdays with tastings and musical mikes: LOL Wednesdays including stand-up and sketches: Magical Thursdays featuring Chicago Magic Lounge: Flavorful Fridays with Boylesque Burlesque, and live entertainment on It’s On Sunday.

The Magician by Greg Inda photography

 All images courtesy of Uptown Underground.

For more information about upcoming shows, visit the Uptown Underground Website

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